Youngest NBA MVP In History- Top 6

The MVP award is one of the most prestigious honors a player can receive. Since it signifies the culmination of a full year of dedicated effort to push teammates to greater heights than their opponents in order to win the championship. 

For the purpose of choosing who should get the MVP award, there are no predetermined criteria, it can be the youngest NBA MVP. A few people believe it should go to the best player in the league. A few others believe it should go to the most valuable player on the most valuable club. Also, more believe it should go to the guy with the most clout, regardless of how far he can carry his team this season.

If the trophy is awarded to a player who isn’t widely recognized as one of the league’s best, it won’t make much of a difference; whoever receives the honor will leave someone disappointed. Regardless of their age or position in the game, no one can dispute with any of the players who have ever taken home this prestigious trophy. Throughout the history of basketball, youthful players have frequently performed at a level equal to or higher than that of established veterans. We’ll tell you about the top 6 most valuable player award winners throughout the league’s history.

Top 6 Youngest NBA MVP’s In History

#1 – Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan cemented his place in basketball history after exacting major retribution for being passed over for the MVP award the previous season. During the 1987-88 season, Jordan won both the MVP and the Defensive Player of the Year awards. As well as the steals and scoring titles, cementing his place in history. He was 25 years old at the time of the match when he was named the most valuable player.

Jordan demonstrated to everyone that he was on the verge of dominating the league on a level that had never been achieved before. He averaged 35 points, 5.5 rebounds, 5.9 assists, and 3.2 steal a game on his way to becoming the best player in the league. He was an irresistible force on the field. Also, there was no doubt that the MVP award for the youngest player went to the appropriate person.

youngest nba mvp

#2 – Derrick Rose



At age 22, Derrick Rose became the youngest MVP in league history, and the second Chicago Bulls player to receive the award (after Michael Jordan). The other thing that made it special was that Rose was born and raised in Chicago. 



In that season, Rose averaged 25 points per game and 7.7 assists per game and became the fifth player in NBA history to have a season with 2,000 points, 600 assists and 300 rebounds. 

#3 – Wes Unseld



Wes Unseld received the MVP award at age 23. He also received the Rookie of the Year award that same season. Wes is only one of two NBA players to ever receive MVP and Rookie of the Year, the other was Wilt Chamberlain. 



During his rookie season, Wes averaged 14 points per game and an amazing 19 rebounds per game. When Wes was drafted, he instantly turned his team into a winning franchise.

#4 – LeBron James

Despite the fact that LeBron James is one of the youngest NBA MVP players on this list. His history has been etched long before he even reached the age of 18. King James began his professional basketball career at a young age. Then he was 19 years old, he had already won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award during the 2005-06 season. One of the greatest players in the history of the NBA was only beginning his career at this point.

In that season, James averaged 27.3 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists per game. While guiding the Cavaliers to their first-ever participation in the NBA Finals. For a player who was just entering his peak, they are really impressive stats.

#5 – Kobe Bryant

Although it should come as no surprise that Kobe Bryant has received a number of Most Valuable Player Awards over his career, the fact that he has won some of them should come as no surprise. With his MVP honors being bestowed upon him during the 2002-03 season, he became the youngest recipient in the league’s history at the age of just 24 years old. When the Los Angeles Lakers won their third consecutive NBA championship in 2010, Kobe Bryant averaged 30 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists per game to lead them to the crown.

It goes without saying that Kobe Bryant is a true superstar and an all-time great, and his nomination as the NBA’s youngest Most Valuable Player only serves to cement his place in history.

#6 – Moses Malone



NBA legend Moses Malone is without question one of the finest players in the league’s history. He has earned the accolades and recognition to back it up. During the 1982-83 season, he became the youngest recipient of the MVP award in the league’s history. This is by winning it at the age of only 24 years old. Malone averaged 28 points, 18 rebounds, and 1.8 blocks per game. While leading the Rockets to the postseason while appearing in all 82 games.



Whenever it came down to it, Malone was a force to be reckoned with on the court. His MVP award is a testament to his abilities and dedication throughout his professional basketball career.

Special Mention

Wilt Chamberlain



Known as “Wilt the Stilt”, Chamberlain was an unstoppable player in the paint. At 25 years old, he is the first NBA player to ever win an MVP and Rookie of the Year on the same season. He is highly regarded as one of the most dominant and greatest NBA players of all time.  His rookie season he averaged 37 points and 27 rebounds per game. 



Throughout his career, Chamberlain averaged 30 points and 23 rebounds. Chamberlain had a remarkable ability to dunk shots from the free throw line without a full running start. They say that Chamberlain was the first NBA player to score a 100 point game. 

Outside of basketball, Wilt Chamberlain starred in the 1984 feature film, Conan the Destroyer. The film was very popular and you can see Chamberlain’s towering height compared to his costars. Many people I know have enjoyed seeing that film and I found it to be a great story. 

Karl Malone

In the world of basketball, the name Karl Malone is synonymous with success. His vast record of achievements speaks for itself. When he was only 35 years old, he was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player during the 1995-96 season. This was one of his many achievements. Jazz’s first-ever appearance in the NBA Finals was aided by Malone. He led the team to the championship with an average of 27 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 assists per game.

Over the course of his career, Malone established himself as a dominant force in the paint. His MVP award is a monument to his abilities and effort throughout the length of his career.

youngest nba mvp


Steve Nash

The fact that Steve Nash is considered to be among the NBA’s most underappreciated players does not diminish the fact that he has a long list of great accomplishments to his credit.

One of them, at the ripe old age of 29, is the recipient of the MVP title during the 2005-06 season. Nash led the Suns to another participation in the NBA Finals. Averaging 18 points, 11 assists, and 4 rebounds per game while leading the team to the Finals. When it came to passing, Nash was unrivaled. His MVP title is a great testament to his abilities on the court.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few examples of the NBA’s most valuable player award winners who were under the age of 30. Listed above are some of the youngest NBA MVP players. All of them are champions in their own way. Also, they will go down in history as some of the greatest players ever take part in basketball.

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