When is the NBA MVP Announced? (2022)

Many NBA followers are familiar with the previous MVPs in the league. However, many fans are unaware of when the NBA MVP is announced. The award ceremony will take place which has a big influence on the season’s timeline.

When it comes to the conclusion of the regular season and what exactly happens in the playoffs, the announcement’s timing within the postseason cycle can have a significant influence on the selection process, sometimes shifting voters’ preferences.

So, when is the MVP award going to be announced… Do You want to know?

The NBA’s Most Valuable Player is usually revealed in the final week of June, although timelines have always been flexible owing to scheduling and the NBA’s history of announcing awards and their current accolades ceremonies (more on that later).

The winner is typically announced a few days in advance of the presentation, and while the award’s deadline is shifting, the significance of it in history isn’t.

Why is the MVP Award so Important?

The MVP award is a good predictor for fans and players. It aids in the appreciation of league greats from different eras by allowing people to compare current players to previous years’ MVPs.

Fans and historians seeking to learn more about the league’s “old days” might pin important milestones, such as NBA championships or MVP accolades, into a map of the league they adore.

I’ve been hearing that Bill Russell is among the finest players to have ever taken the court for my entire life. Bill Russell doesn’t need my approval, but aside from a few black-and-white film clips, there isn’t much evidence of his greatness.

Yes he won 11 championships, but Steve Kerr won five rings and was never even the team’s third-best player. That is where accolades like the league’s MVP come in handy for fans who wish to learn more about how remarkable past players were.

Over a span of eight years, Russell won five NBA MVPs 8 years (1958, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1965). That indicates several things about his career: He was a fantastic player, and he really did deserve to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

His dominance was long-term, suggesting that he was consistently excellent rather than being the finest for a brief period and then slacking off.

The conclusion may be drawn about a number of other superstars (Wilt Chamberlain, Bob Pettit, and Oscar Robertson, to name a few) who played before the invention of televised games.

There have been many exceptional players who have never won the MVP award. Therefore just looking at MVPs might be misleading. However, it provides a great 10,000-foot overview of the event league and the person who dominated it during certain time periods.

The History of MVP Voting

The process for the league’s most prestigious award, voted on by 100 media members, is well-organized. There’s also a fan poll that doesn’t impact the final result, but the league has made significant progress in terms of being one of the most fan-focused professional sports leagues.

The MVP Award was previously chosen by the players. For a few reasons, this approach had difficulties. To begin, the players had preferences, which they utilized while voting to potentially influence the MVP selection. 

Second, being a professional and skilled player for your team during consecutive times such as day in and day out while also devoting enough time to consider the MVP and who they would choose was quite difficult. The NBA has made several modifications to the MVP voting rule since its inception. Prior to the 2016 to 2017 season, domestic team television and announcers on the radio were able to cast their ballots; however, the NBA removed the vote from the members of the local media for a more objective result.

Although the choice was contentious, many team broadcasters supported the NBA’s decision.

In a controversial landslide victory, Giannis Antetokuonmpo won the MVP in 2018, with 85 first-place votes and 962 total MVP points.

LeBron James finished second with fifteen first-place votes and earned 753 points. The MVP top 5 consisted of the following players:

Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokuonmpo: 962 pts
LA Lakers, LeBron James: 753 pts
Houston Rockets, James Harden: 367 pts
Dallas Mavericks, Luca Doncic: 200 pts
LA Clippers, Kawhi Leonard: 168 pts

“Where did they come up with the point total of 100 MVP votes?” you may be wondering. The MVP points are calculated using a point system that looks like this:

First-place vote: 10 pts
Second place vote: 7 pts
Third place vote: 5 pts
Fourth place vote: 3 pts
Fifth place vote: 1 pt

Rookie MVPs?

It’s hard to comprehend a rookie ever capturing the MVP in his debut season in the NBA, but it has occurred twice in league history.

Wilt Chamberlain was the first to surprise fans and take the league by storm straight out of college in 1960. He blasted the league with 37 points per game and 27 rebounds, becoming the Most Valuable Player while doing so.

The second player to win it as a rookie was Baltimore Bullets center Wes Unseld (now the Washington Wizards). Despite the fact that many doubt him winning it his first season in 1968, he accomplished it. Nevertheless with 13 points and 18 rebounds per game he had the lead with the Bullets.

The Unanimous One 

It’s a little odd that there has only been one player winning the MVP award unanimously out of all the fantastic seasons we’ve seen in the NBA.

In 2016, when his Golden State Warriors set the NBA record for best regular-season win percentage with a 73-9 finish, Steph Curry was that guy. He piled up 30 points per game, made 5 three-pointers on average each game, and shot 45 percent from downtown. Did I mention he also averaged nearly seven assists and five rebounds every night…

When is the NBA MVP Announced? (2022)

Your Golden State Warriors guard, Mr. Curry, is your 2022 NBA All-Star Game MVP! We recap the entire night and race toward the MVP prize. Curry was 9/1 to take home the award before tip-off, but he closed at 10/1 shortly before game time. 

In the middle of my list, Curry was one of my five bets to win MVP. So if you scrolled all the way down, congratulations! 

Final Remarks

The MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award has a long history, and I could go on for hours about it. The fact is that it displays to the fans who was the best in a given year. 

The MVP Award will always have a significant place in the league’s history. And I’m looking forward to seeing who will be the next class of superstars to win it.

Who is your favorite NBA MVP of all time? Let us know in the comments section below!

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