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What is PPG in Basketball…

What is PPG in basketball? PPG stands for points per game. Points Per Game is an important statistic that all basketball fans should look into. After all… this game is all about getting points. Knowing which good ppg players to put on your roster will help you get to the playoffs.

Definition of PPG in Basketball

As you know, points are the most important statistic in basketball. PPG is a convenient stat that reflects this: PPG stands for Points Per Game, which refers to how many points a player averages per game. 

The following is an example of a more specific example: usually the NBA season is about 82 games long, and it usually lasts that long for the regular season (unless of course, a pandemic or a lockout happens). This season, suppose that Player A has scored in every game. Players’ points are divided by the number of games played to get their PPG. A player with 2,100 points in 70 games simply averages 30 points per game (points per game). 

PPG is a scoring statistic for each player that is defined by the formula of total points for the season divided by number of games played. Note that this does not take into account the amount of minutes played. Knowing how many points a player averages per minute played is also useful but that’s a different subject than PPG.

Another thing to keep in mind is that typically the best players in the sport or in the NBA should have the best PPG averages. In 2018-19, Antetokounmpo averaged 27.7 points per game, third in the league behind James Harden (36.1) and Paul George (36.1). 

Some players are really good at blocks or rebounds and the PPG statistic does not take the rebounds, assists or block stats into account. So when looking at player contributions, a coach has to look at each of those factors in order to divide up playing time.among the team. 

What is the League NBA Average PPG in Basketball…

An average total of 252.5 points per player were scored by 529 players who participated in the 2021-22 NBA season. For that season, a league total of 133,578 points were scored from all NBA games, with a total of 1230 professional games that were played in the regular NBA season. In other words, the average NBA player scored 7.24 points per game when comparing a league total 133,578 points in 1230 games across 529 players (7.24 PPG average).

We know that 121 of the 529 NBA players who have played at least 48 games this season averaged 10.5 points per game, which is higher than the average point total for an NBA player.

What is a Good PPG in Basketball…

We’re not sure we can say that a certain number of points per game is “good” when the offensive player has all the advantages. This is shown by the fact that there are currently 27 players in the NBA who score at least 20 points in at least one game a week. In 2009-10, only 16 people did the same thing.

Even in the modern era, it is very hard to score 20 points in a game of basketball. For this reason, basketball players are thought to have good PPGs when they score at least 20 points per game. They might also make the NBA All-Star team. The All-Star team is made up of a lot of different players who may excel in points or rebounds or blocks or steals or assists; but even in the NBA, a player who scores 20 points per game is considered very good.

How is PPG Calculated in Basketball?

To figure out a player’s points per game, divide the number of points they have scored by how many games they’ve played.

If you think about James Harden, who has been the league’s best player in that category for the last several years. One season, Harden played in 61 games and scored 2096 points, which is a lot for him. He averaged 34.3 points per game based on this number (2096/61).

The Importance of PPG in Basketball…

In basketball, the goal is to score more points than your opponent. It’s very simple: That’s why PPG is so important in basketball. 

If you don’t have a legitimate scorer, expect to lose. 

Indeed, only three NBA champion teams since 2004 have not had a player to score an average 20 points during the regular season: the 2004 Pistons, the 2008 Celtics, and the 2014 Spurs.

The teams that won the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy include players Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Dirk Nowitzki. All of them averaged at least 25 points per game during the regular season. When the Celtics played in 2008, Paul Pierce led the team with 19.6 points per game. That’s still close to 20 points per game.

It’s also a lot more complicated than just counting how many times you put the ball in the basket. Basketball isn’t just about how many times you score. Overemphasizing points per game makes other important parts of basketball less important, such as defense, rebounding, assists, steals and setting up teams for easy baskets.

People don’t like that the PPG statistic is fallible in some ways. It doesn’t show how well coaches used players or how well players scored. With inefficient play, Player A may score 25 points per game each game. With all the green lights in the world, Player B may score 20 points per game against the opposing bench. PPG is important, but how important it is must be taken into account — and weighed against the other winning maneuvers used in basketball.

Final Thought

Simply put, PPG is important in basketball. It’s the “go-to” statistic to see who is putting up the most points and determines how efficient a player is on offensive. While it’s not the only statistic that should be considered when analyzing basketball, it does give an idea of how good a scorer a player is.

As the saying goes… it’s all about putting the ball in the basket. And PPG is one way to measure just how good a player is at doing that. While not the only statistic that should be considered when analyzing basketball, it’s definitely an essential one.

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