Tips on How to Get Recruited for College Basketball

When it comes to getting recruited, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. But with the right strategy and guidance from a coach who knows his way around how to get recruited for college basketball, you can increase your chances of landing a recruit for college basketball on a nice campus!

This article will share my top tips for success during this process…

I was told if I played college basketball, coaches would find me. But the deck is stacked against you— and everyone said so! 

Many people assured me that my talents would be recognized and rewarded with an education at one of America’s best universities. 

Still nothing happened for months after practice ended each day until finally… I found a way to make it happen by creating this do it yourself recruiting strategy, which has worked wonders in attracting attention from schools all over town (and beyond)!

Do It Yourself Strategy to Get You Recruited


DIY Strategy To Get You Recruited

Lay the Groundwork

  • The best decision on how to get recruited for college basketball is always based on what’s a good fit. Make sure to consider this.
  • Is that the level I can play at? If you don’t know, ask your coach.
  • If you don’t know yet… figure out what you want to study and where would you like to live while attending school.

Conduct Your Research

Using Google is a great way to find all the information on how to get recruited for college basketball. Just go onto Google and type in “list of college athletic programs in [insert desired state]” 

Here’s an example for Arizona: Take a look at Wikipedia, which includes every NCAA/D1-level sport within that area as well…

Curate a List of Schools that Pique Your Interest

After you’ve found ten schools that pique your interest and get you excited, it’s time to rank them. Rank the top 1–5 on what matters most: 

1. Quality of education (do they have a good coach? )

2. Potential for later success in basketball (are there any pro players or NBA starters?) 

3. Location. If living expenses are a factor, then consider proximity as a way to potentially save some money.

Rank Them in Order

When you’re done creating your list, rank the schools to determine where they stand. Put each school on a scale from one (highest preference) through ten as an alternate option with no interest at all; this will give you some context when reading about their choices in more detail later on.

Examine the Current Team

The more information you can find about a team, the better. The year that players started playing their position and how long they’ve been at school are important factors in assessing whether or not it’s worth investing time into learning anything else about them before deciding on which recruits to pursue further information on. 

That way, when the recruiting season comes around again next fall or winter, you’ll already know who might still have eligibility left.

Forward Email to all the Schools on Your List

To get started, go to the school’s basketball website and find their assistant coach. Once there, enter your contact information under “General Information” and send them a personalized email that includes:

  • Why you’re interested in their program
  • Explain what kind of player or coach they are looking for
  • Test scores & GPA info from previous years if available (you can look this up on websites like ParentPrefs); spring/summer AAU schedule with games recorded 3 minutes long each way
  • Ask about having game film sent over too

Follow Up with a Phone Call

You may be surprised at how many coaches don’t respond to emails. If you haven’t heard back in two days, it’s time to call! 

Most athletes won’t do this, but you need to have that courage and make that call anyway. Coaches like relentless players who take the initiative. Besides, just think about all those other kids wanting the same scholarship as you, but are feeling under pressure that they’re scared to find out or unsure about what step to do next. 

Plus it’ll make the coaches lives easier by making sure everything gets done smoothly, so no one has trouble reaching anyone at any point during the process.

Coaches are busy and sometimes cannot review every single message sent through the proper channels, so it does require patience on behalf of prospective students.

Take Cognizance of Some Certain Things…

After the call ends, take notes. Use a notebook or word document and make sure you’ve captured these things:

  • What was said during this conversation
  • What did they advise for the next time we speak about it (a specific thing)
  • How can our understanding of each other improve based on what happened today

Send a Follow-Up Handwritten Letter

Whatever you do, don’t just send an email. Write handwritten notes and make phone calls to your contacts at the basketball office. 

Whether they like me or not (and I’m sure most people would say that they never really felt appreciated), this is one way we can show our gratitude for all their help by standing out from other players who aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities before them.

Coaches are always talking about each other in passing, so if there’s someone near and dear on your list, put yourself forward now while nobody else has yet realized how capable he truly thinks that individual may be.

Repeat the Process

Does that mean for each of the ten schools on my list that I have to go through this process?
The answer is… it depends. You saw what happened with those stats that the odds are against us and it doesn’t guarantee anything if we want scholarships any way, so why not follow up and even shoot 1k shots in practice? It’ll help increase chances better than any other strategy out there.

How Important is Club Basketball in the College Basketball Recruiting Process?

AAU is an organization that helps prospective basketball players gain exposure to college coaches. This enables prospects the opportunity to compete against top talents and provides them an extended look into their skills, but it isn’t required for scholarships or professional careers; several prospective basketballers have foregone this circuit while moving on towards successful university studies or even becoming professionals.

Final Words

We know how hard it is to get recruited to a basketball team. But don’t worry, with the steps we outlined on how to get recruited for college basketball, you’ll do what needs to be done and make sure that your dream becomes a reality.

We’re here for every step of this process. Just follow our lead closely so when recruitment time comes around, all those hours spent working on skills are worth something rather than hanging out uselessly in an empty gym dreaming about being a part-time starter.

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