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Useful Tips on Breaking in Basketball Shoes

Wearing new basketball shoes is a thrilling experience. You’ve got them out of the box and have the brand new look of the fabric and the sole. There’s that pleasing new shoe leather smell. And you get to tie those laces for the shoes’ very first lacing.

Many players prefer to get on the hardwood instantly and start breaking them in, but this can be difficult without proper preparation. Many say that you need to wear your favorite pair for about 15 minutes each day for over three weeks before putting any significant amount of time into it. In this guide, we’ll show you how to break in basketball shoes in record time.

The Best Way to Break in Fresh Basketball Shoes

Break In Fresh Basketball Shoes

When breaking into your basketball shoes, it’s important to remember that the process should not be done instantly. Here’s some helpful tips for getting your new shoes up and running quickly:

  • Before you begin, confirm that your basketball shoes are comfortable.
  • Before you wear your sneakers to a game for the first time, you should break them in with some simple exercises.
  • The best way to avoid blisters is to warm up your feet and ankles before you put on new shoes. New basketball sneakers without adequate support can lead not only to painful blistering but also to potential injuries — like sprains or fractures.
  • The first few days of wearing your new basketball shoes can be difficult. Playing a physical game will help you get used to the feel and guide the break-in process much quicker.
  • You can wear your new basketball sneakers to practice or a game after you’ve worked out for 10-15 minutes in them.

Walking around the mall or heading to your favorite shop is a great way for shoes to stretch out. You can do this by wearing socks with high-top basketball-style leggings that have ankle support (not regular dress ones) and making sure you’re strolling so it doesn’t hurt!

If you plan on playing basketball in them, you should go for a short stroll to break them in.

Give your new shoes a try by walking around the house for 10–15 minutes.

It’s important that you stretch out your shoes before wearing them for the first time. This way, there will be less chance of getting blisters from an overly tight basketball sneaker — because it has not been adjusted yet to accommodate different types of feet comfortably!

You should wait another 5–6 minutes before switching them out for the next practice or game. Avoid wearing basketball shoes that are too tight since they may cause blisters on your feet, which can make things worse and cause infection in some cases!

Keep in mind that wearing new shoes can become uncomfortable if you haven’t conditioned your feet and ankles beforehand.

It’s essential to make sure that the muscles in our soles have been “trained” enough before putting on a pair of basketball shoes.


Breaking in new shoes in under 5 minutes


Do Basketball Shoes Stretch Over Time?

Some do, while others do not. It all depends on how stiff the shoe is and how well it fits. 

For example, LeBron James, one of the top players in the NBA, wears his shoes snugly to prevent them from stretching out.

Basketball shoes do not stretch out as much as conventional running shoes because basketball players do not bind them as tightly as typical runners do.

How to Quickly Break in Basketball Shoes…

First see the video above.

If you wish to break in more rapidly, a few options are available to you. You can purchase new shoes and wear them for extended period of time before increasing the frequency of wearing them.

Another idea is to wear the shoes on days when your feet will be most active, as this will speed up the break-in process.

If you don’t mind spending a little money, you can find a variety of insoles for your shoes, including ones that can heat up or cool down your feet.

Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Wear These Shoes?

The first thing to look at is where do your feet hurt. Is the pain around the toes, or the middle of the foot or back behind the ankle for example. Different shoe designs will have toes crammed, or mid soles tight or can rub the back of the heel. It’s important to know which shoes have these respective issues. We plan to address this further in a future articles. 

The problem with new basketball shoes is that they’re often too tight and since they’re brand new, they can be inconvenient for people who have big feet or terrible ankles.

When conditioning your feet and ankles, it is important not to play in the shoes until they have been broken in. Otherwise, blisters may form due to their newness or if you wear susceptible items like socks with them when trying on for size at the store entrance!

If you have ankle pain from playing basketball, getting a good ankle brace may help prevent harm. This is a very common problem for basketball players. 

If none of the above works, visit your doctor to see what else they can prescribe to eliminate the discomfort and foot pain.


Do These Shoes Become Loose Over Time?

Wearing your basketball shoes will cause them to loosen up over time. If you bought these from a store, it could take 5–10 physical activity sessions before they’re loose enough for comfort and effective during games or practices.

After purchasing the shoes, all that’s required is to wear them for 15 minutes of walking. However, it’s important for you to try on a pair before buying, and don’t put your new basketball shoes into use until after conditioning your feet with proper exercise.

This is an excellent way for your shoes to adjust and fit perfectly. If you have basketball shoes that are too tight now, they may cause blisters when you wear them for the first time real activity —  because of how tight they are.

As a review, you can easily break in your new basketball shoes with a few light activities. Go for walks around a shopping area for 10–15 minutes and then put on ankle braces or high-top socks while running for five more seconds before removing them.

You might want to wait before putting your shoes on again for practice or a game. The first few times you wear them, they’ll feel considerably more comfortable once the leather has been broken in and eventually they will conform to your feet.