NBA Championship Trophy – Who Keeps it after the Game?

Do you want to know who holds the NBA championship trophy? 

Every year, the NBA championship trophy, which is supposed to take six months to make, is presented to the NBA’s final four contestants. To win the trophy will be an honor for a participant team. As a result, teams must put in significant effort to succeed. The winner gets $13,500 and receives rave reviews from both fans and competitors. The winners get to keep and exhibit the trophy in their arena for everyone to see, contrary to previous days, when the previous trophy had to be handed down. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the timeline and previous winners that have been recognized with this award in the past.

What Happens to the Trophy Each Year?

The Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy is a well-known item of sports memorabilia. Is it true that the winning NBA club gets to keep it after winning the title? Only one trophy existed in the distant past. Each year, it was transferred to another team based on whether they achieved a final victory.

Today, though, each winning team receives its own award. Of course, they don’t engrave it until the finals are over. The trophy raised by the team at the moment of victory does not include any identifying information at this point.

Tiffany then returns the trophy and carves it with the winning team’s name and year after the game.


The NBA championship trophy has gone through a number of modifications over time. From name to a completely new design, the NBA championship trophy has changed quite a bit.

Previous Design

Previously, it was known as the NBA Finals trophy, but it was renamed in 1964 after Walter A. Brown, who owned the Boston Celtics at the time. Walter, who owned the Boston Celtics, was the person who brought the BAA and NBA together. From 1947 until 1976, this award was given to BAA/NBA champion sit is now on display at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. The “American History Museum” which is one of the largest museums, is dedicated to preserving and promoting basketball history. The winners were supposed to keep the trophy for a year and give it to the new champions the next year, according to custom. The winning team would only be allowed to keep the prize if they held onto their position for two or more years in a row.

The Boston Celtics have held on to the Larry O’Brien championship trophy the longest, having won it 11 times. They captured the Walter A Brown award for eight years in a row.

Current Design

In 1977, Tiffany and Co. in Cumberland, Rhode Island created a new trophy. The award is a representation of a basketball as it enters the net. It’s about two feet tall and weighs 16 pounds, composed of sterling silver and vermeil with a 24-carat gold overlay. The cover of Time magazine, designed by lead designer Edward H. Ginna and graphic designer Tim DeZwarte, won a design award from the Western Athletic Conference in 1998. The Larry O’Brien Championship was awarded in 1984 after Larry O’Brien, who previously served as the NBA commissioner from 1975 to 1984. He was the NBA’s commissioner from 1975 to 1984 and previously served as the United States Postmaster General. He served under President Lyndon B. Johnson between 1965 and 1968.

The 1988 NBA Finals was the first time the renamed trophy had been awarded, with the Los Angeles Lakers losing to the Boston Celtics. This trophy, unlike the one before it, is not inherited from the preceding winner to the following winner. Instead, each year a new prize is given to the winning team and sent back to Tiffany & Co. so that the team’s name and year may be etched onto it.

NBA Finals Champions

The Philadelphia Warriors were the first team to ever reach the finals. For two years in a row, the Golden State Warriors franchise is now known as, reaching the finals for both seasons. The Basketball Association of America, or BAA, was formed in 1946. Following the merger between BAA and NBA in 1946, it became known as the National Basketball Association or NBA. The NBA playoffs were a three-stage tournament in which the two teams that survive to the semifinals compete for the title. All NBA championships are held using a best of seven format to determine who wins the championship.

The Eastern and Western Conferences compete in the finals, with the winner taking home the trophy. However, there was a break from this trend in 1950. The winner of the Western and Central conferences was then matched against the Eastern division in the finals. The current format, 2-2-1-1-1, used in the NBA finals for home and away games, stipulates that the team with a better record plays on its home court in Games 1, 2, 5, and 7. The team that wins advances to the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers have distinguished themselves. The former has won the title 34 times, while the latter has claimed victory 74 times since the series began.

Here’s How Much the NBA Finals Trophy is Worth

According to USA Today, the NBA Finals championship trophy, which was designed and produced by Tiffany & Co. for 40 years, is worth approximately $13,500. CNBC Make It was unable to obtain a confirmation from Tiffany & Co. regarding the value of the trophy. Each year, the NBA champion team in the Finals receives a new trophy created and commissioned by Tiffany & Co. in 1978. 

The award, which is about 2 feet tall and weighs nearly 16 pounds of sterling silver with a 24-karat-gold overlay that looks like a life-size basketball plummeting into a net. It was created using almost 16 pounds of sterling silver. At the end of the final championship game, the trophy is handed to the winning team before being returned to Tiffany & Co. for engraving. The champion team eventually reclaims the trophy for keeps.


The Larry O’Brien Championship cup has been compared to the Stanley Cup, the National Hockey League’s championship trophy. It has, however, never been able to surpass it and claim a comparable stature. The NBA has made efforts to eliminate this gap and promote the NBA championship as effectively as possible. In 2004, the Detroit Pistons, who are from Michigan, won the NBA championship and took the cup on a tour of the state. To raise awareness for this magnificent prize, the NBA carried out this initiative. It must be an enormous privilege to have your award named after you!

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