Is the NBA Rigged or Not… The Truth Explained

For a long time, conspiracy theories have been a part of life around the world, and the NBA isn’t any different. Many people have claimed that the NBA is rigged… and that every victory is predetermined by the organization.

Is the NBA rigged? 

You can be assured that in no way, shape, or form is the NBA influenced.

Everything occurs entirely by random. Neither the championships of different teams nor the matches themselves are fixed, and the teams are held accountable for their own performances.

Throughout the history of the NBA, however, a number of hypotheses have been made by both fans and professionals who doubt the league’s fairness, leading to a slew of lawsuits. 

Theories Inherent to the NBA


The answer to the question of “is the NBA rigged,” is actually quite simple and I will explain it here. 

We all know that to be an NBA superstar you have to be great at basketball. Just because someone is good doesn’t necessarily mean they get noticed or get noticed quickly enough to become a star player for an NBA team. 

One way this happens is through college basketball — where players get noticed and hopefully drafted to play for an NBA team. With all the competition, you know that each is going to give it all they’ve got. If there was any cheating or rigging of games, word would get out to the public because of this competitive environment.

There is another way — that is even more important — than what I mentioned above: Agents!

Agents promising players to teams is very common. It’s a way for owners to make lots of money by selling the player. 

Players that are already signed (but are actually not good enough) to another team while getting paid by both teams. This is done while leaving fans feeling like they have no real power in any organization including the NBA. 

They feel like none of what is really going on is their fault and that it is perfectly normal and acceptable for this sport to be managed secretly and with no input from them whatsoever.

is the nba rigged

An agent’s ability to promote their clients is vital for them getting noticed especially by scouts from colleges and managers of NBA teams. Agents can do this by just being visible. 

This is quite easy to do by just attending NBA games at the courtside seats. Agents would know if any rigging is going on. Due to their competition for clients, if there was any cheating, word would get out to the public. 

Agents also have another way of making themselves known. This is through some special connections they have with certain people who are very powerful in this sport. One name is David Stern, who was the former commissioner of the NBA.

David Stern

David is an important person who is actually closely connected to agents because he is one himself! The fact that he is also connected to scouts and managers means his work can be easily manipulated for personal gains. Especially since he is not only promoting the sport but is also involved in it at some levels. 

This helps him understand how important it is that every team wins fairly. Yet without any one of them winning much or too little. 

For example, if both teams that played in the finals of the NBA were from the same city, then that would be a problem because there is no competition, the city would be favored and one team from that city is guaranteed to win each time.

Almost every year we witness at least one NBA team not reaching its full potential. As is expected of them by so many fans all over the world! 

The theory is that this is done purposely by those who are involved in running this sport, such as David Stern and agents, as a way so they don’t lose money. And there is a point to be made that this is something very important for those involved in making decisions about what is happening now and how it is likely to happen next.


There are countless examples of agents promising players into certain teams, especially if they are favorites. The truth is the NBA could appear rigged because there are so many promises being made although almost none of those promises are actually happening. 

This is because there is no guarantee that the player is going to be good enough for their new team. That’s why they are also buying players from other teams. 

It is possible that players are regularly traded not because they are bad players but because agents have promised them to another team through a secret deal with the managers. There’s just no way to really know. 

is the nba rigged

So is the NBA Rigged…

No one is going to come out and say if the NBA being rigged is true or is it false. The best thing is to search for yourself and form your own opinion. 

The truth is the NBA being rigged is not something that can be easily answered. This is because those who are involved in running this sport will never tell us what exactly happens behind closed doors.

All we can do is make up our own minds by playing detective ourselves. This is done by searching for clues that help us understand what is really happening. This way we end up making our own opinions about whether the NBA is rigged or not


xReferees are definitely a hint that the NBA rigged. This is because they may often let some slide which is probably not their fault. Since the NBA is managed by rigged people. The best thing you can do is to pay attention to how certain calls are made. Also, which numbers appear on TV screens at specific times. This should give you a better understanding of what is really going on behind closed doors.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is very common for people to say is the NBA is rigged. Especially when something shady is done in order to confuse fans and make them lose money. 

Also, the NBA being rigged was regularly said by retired players who are trying to understand what is really going on beyond closed doors. 

As a result, the NBA is regularly called into question, which leads us to believe that the NBA is regularly used as it is meant to be: a creative distraction for fans!

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