How to Lace Basketball Shoes

People often think of shoe lacing as a difficult task and wouldn’t it be nice if there was a self-lacing shoe. But that’s not the case. Instead, knowing the right technique can ease lacing your best pair of shoes, and being specific to the arch can be a real game-changer!

Do you also have difficulty lacing your basketball shoe laces? Give this article a read!

Lacing Basketball Shoes

If you wish to know the perfect way of lacing a basketball ball or any sports shoe, this article is for you.

There are numerous tricks and techniques for lacing a basketball sneaker, and you’ll find the most common techniques here in this article. Some of these might even work on dress shoes to add more style — along with your other athletic shoes.

When you first get that box containing your new pair of basketball shoes, the laces may already be put through the shoe eyelets. This makes it really convenient. But is it the optimum lacing pattern for you? The proper lacing technique ensures the proper fit of the shoe you’re wearing and prevents the feet from possible injuries. Hence it’s crucial to secure it the right way.

Step #1 The Best Way To Lace Basketball Shoes

There are plenty of shoe lacing techniques, but the Straight Bar Lacing Technique is often called the best. This shoe lacing technique enhances your shoes’ appearance. They not only appear cleaner and tight but are also conformable. You would need shoes with an even a pair of eyelets to do this.

Steps involved to make straight bar lacing –

  • Put the shoelace through the first pair of eyelets, and ensure the end stays within the underside of the vamps.
  • Keep adjusting the laces until they appear to be even in length.
  • Then, put the left lace-end through the second eyelet on the left and pull it straight on the outside. Now, thread it across the even eyelets, and continue until you reach the end.
  • Now, put the right shoelace through the third eyelet on the right, and pull it straight outside. Now, thread the lace through the odd eye until you reach the last odd pair of eyelets.
  • Now, thread the right shoelace through the bottom of the last eyelet, making the lace-end appear above the vamp.
  • Now, with the two lace-ends above the vamp, you tie them together.

Step #2 How Tight Should I Tie My Shoes?

Tying your shoes way too tightly can result in foot pain due to the squeezing nature of the shoe. For a game like a basketball, the key is agility!  A tight shoe will result in causing discomfort and will slow you down.

You should it moderately tight so that it does not squeeze your feet. Tighten your shoelaces by keeping enough room for your feet to spread comfortably.

Step #3 Do You Lace Basketball Shoes All The Way Up?

If you wish to wear a shoe with high tops, you will need to lace your shoes all the way up! You have to follow the crisscross pattern to the top, don’t know how? Just follow these steps.

  1. Thread your shoelace through the first eyelets, and make sure you have the same amount of lace on both sides.
  2. Thread both the left and right laces in a crisscross pattern to the top until you reach the remaining two eyelets.
  3. Now thread the laces through the directly above eyelets, and leave a loop. Here, you do not need to criss-cross it.
  4. Again, cross both laces for one last time, thread the right lace through the left eyelet, and thread the left lace through the right eyelet. Give it a nice pull, and apply a double-knot making it tighter and locked near your heel.

How to Tie Basketball Shoes Without the Laces Showing

If you wish not to show your basketball shoelaces, so be it. But, how would one hide their shoelaces? Well, here is how!

  • First, start off threading with lace from the outside, and make it to the top.
  • As you reach the top of your shoe, give it a nice and strong knot.
  • In the end, simply tuck your shoelace underneath the tongue of your shoe. Or, you can tie the knot at one side and tuck it on the other side.

How to Lace Basketball Shoes Casually

There are many ways of lacing your basketball shoes casually. Here is how you should do this –

  • Take the lace, tie a knot at one end, and pass it through the bottom eyelet, and the knot should face the front end of your shoe.
  • All you have left is one long lace attached through the knot. Pass this long lace through all the remaining eyelets on the basketball shoe until you make it to the top.
  • If you do this right, you will have horizontal laces and one long lace on one side of your shoe.
  • Now, all you have to do is tuck this lace neatly inside your shoe.

How To Lace Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

If you have a wider foot, you might need to alter the shoe lacing technique. Wider feet need much more space, and comfortability is a factor.

Follow these steps to lace up your basketball shoes perfectly –

  • It is pretty easy to lace a shoe; you can start by making a normal crisscross lacing technique.
  • Then, skip two eyelets and continue threading the lace in a cross-cross form as you move up.
  • As you move up, skip one set of eyelets on your shoe.

This is the most common technique to make your shoe comfortable for your wide feet.

The Ultra Lock

The ultra-lock show lacing technique is for the professional players playing in a well-organized team. If you want to make this ultra-lock, here is how you can do it easily –

Start by performing a crisscross lacing technique to the top. When you are right at the top, thread the laces on the other side and pull it through. It will appear like two tiny bunny ears on both sides when you do this.

Now, cross the laces and pass the laces through the bunny-ear holes, then give it a nice and tight pull. And finally, give it a nice tie that you do with all other shoes.

This ultra-lock provides you with better stability and support to your ankles.

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