Guide – How to Find the Hottest Basketball Shoes on Clearance

With prices rising on everything, basketball shoes are no exception. Basketball collector shoe stores have started to pop up at many malls where the Air Jordan Retro shoes start at $350 and go up from there. 

You know in your heart that the right shoes will help enhance your athletic performance. So what does a person do to find a good deal on quality basketball shoes at clearance price? Keep reading this guide to find the places that can get you the shoes you want — at a price that’ll amaze your friends.

We’ve noticed that it’s easier to find a good deal on a low-top basketball shoe and that high-top basketball shoes often go at a premium. That’s something to keep in mind as you do your shopping for the perfect basketball shoes.

How to Find Basketball Shoes on Clearance

Basketball shoes are very important for a player. A type of shoe can affect a player’s overall performance. 

And if you are looking for some basketball shoes on clearance, there are several ways you can find them on clearance, but it will need time to research, and you cannot lose your patience. 

And if you don’t find the right shoe size at the first place you check, you can try other places that have a large selection of clearance shoes.

EBay is the first method, rather the most comfortable way of getting quality shoes on clearance. It’s the most popular method for finding deals on basketball shoes. You will need to be patient as it may take time to get your hands on a pair of shoes, especially if you want them in great condition. 

Also, make sure you read the seller’s feedback before buying anything. If they don’t return things or give bad ratings, you probably have problems. Another option is to check out local thrift shops. These places tend to carry older models of basketball shoes and also tend to sell them for less than retail price. 

You can also check various outlet stores. Details are below.

How Do I Get the Best Deal on Air Jordans, Air Max and Nike Brand Shoes

If you are looking for some great deals getting shoes from Air Jordans to Air Max to overall Nike’s, then you need to keep track of certain things mentioned below –

  • To get a great pair of eye-catching basketball shoes from your desired brand like Jordan or Nike, you need to visit their stores and see if they are planning for a clearance sale anytime soon. Sometimes people do get lucky and spot the exact shoe they want.
  • Another thing you can do is visit Flight Club’s official website and search for the shoes that they intend to move quickly.
  • If you wish to get your shoes on clearance, frequently check Nike’s outlet stores. They often stock up on Air Jordans, and you need to grab your pair of shoes their employees do
  • Ross and T.J Maxx are options if you wish to get a Nike shoe. But, you are less likely to find any Air Jordans there. 

Does Nike sell to wholesalers and resellers? What to do to become a reseller?

Nike does sell its products to wholesalers! And if you wish to become a reseller, you would need legal licensing. You should operate your business in a storefront.

Adidas Basketball Shoes On Clearance and Yeezy Shoes

If you love Adidas and wish to buy it in the stock clearance sale, this is the best time to get some high-end shoes. You should be quick and cautious and focus on getting them before their own employees. 

Getting a pair of Adidas shoes may look rewarding and easy on stock clearances. You should inspect the product authenticity from Adidas in the clearance sale. And if you are a fan of Kayne West, you can take this chance to get some Yeezy shoes.

Here are some quick tips that can help you find a genuine pair of Adidas shoes –

  • Check the heel tag of the shoe.
  • Adidas products do not feature for granted (genuine shoes come with neatly rolled-up laces)
  • Every pair of shoes from Adidas have a serial number on the tags
  • A difference in price can help you determine I the product is genuine or fake

So, how to get Adidas and Yeezy shoes on clearance? Here is what you can do –

  • Determine if the selected product is genuine with the help of the tips shared above
  • If you are looking for Adidas shoes, try checking in T.J Maxx or Ross. Chances are high, but they barely keep Yeezy shoes
  • Get in touch with as many Amazon outlets as possible
  • Check on Nordstrom Rack and Saks Fifth Avenue outlet stores; you might get lucky! They also keep some great quality shoes
  • Do check in at the Last Chance Clearance Stores; it is sort of a hit or miss, but you can get a hold of amazing quality basketball shoes
  • You could also check at Famous Footwear

Under Armour Basketball Shoes On Clearance

If you have been watching the game, you probably heard of this new brand called Under Armour and its skyrocketing popularity. Some of the biggest players promote this brand; it is no wonder it is a good brand. They have some of the newest and hottest shoes.

Yes, NBA’s biggest player Joel Embiid signed with Under Armour in 2018 and was introduced in 2020! This is why Under Armour got a surge in popularity. 

Not just Joel Embiid, greatest athletes like Patty Mills, Mo Bamba, and Emmanuel Mudiay also use Under Armour. 

If you want to get UA under stock clearance, you better check on UA stores. You can be lucky!

Converse Basketball Shoes on Clearance

If you wish to get the first basketball shoes that started it all, you can take the chance of stock clearance and get some pairs of Converse basketball shoes. Yes, the fad regarding shoes started from Converse!

  • If you turned lucky on a stock clearance, you can get a nice pair of shoes from Ross or T.J Ross
  • A sure-fire way of getting a Converse shoe is you should check on Converse Factory Store
  • Another sure-fire way of getting this branded shoe is you should check on Nordstrom Rack

Other Shoe Clearance stores

While looking for the above brands, you should keep track other shoe clearances as well –

  • You can check on Designer Shoe Warehouse, or Famous Footwear
  • Another great way of getting your desired shoes is you can check on outlet malls. There you are more likely to find a greater number of outlets together. And certainly would come in handy if you are looking for Adidas, Skechers, New Balance, Nike, Puma, etc. 

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So, if you have been waiting for the stock clearance to begin, you need to do research, check in with several outlets or look online to get an idea of their stock clearance. 

Once it begins, you have to take your chance! Before you purchase, it is very important to check its quality, and determine if it’s genuine!

Once you see it’s genuine, you are good to go!

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