How Much Do NBA Cheerleaders Make? (2022)

How much do NBA cheerleaders make? This is a question that has been asked by many over the years. The answer, however, is not as straightforward as one may think although it’s usually between $75 to $150 per game (according to ESPN). 

The amount of money that an NBA cheerleader earns can vary depending on several factors. For example, how long they have been with the team, how many hours they work per week, and how popular the team is — these can all play a role in how much money they make.

NBA Cheerleader Salary in 2022

Earnings of NBA Cheerleaders in 2022

Even though basketball is a favorite pastime for nearly everyone living in the United States, few people realize how important NBA cheerleaders truly are. As the public face of the game, they also bear a significant amount of responsibility. There are numerous things that they must do for their fans and their teams consistently, and they must do them well. This happens over and over again during the game and the season. Cheerleaders are energetic and full of life. The job is for someone who likes performing and dancing.

As the popularity of the NBA grew, so did the need for cheerleaders and dancers. This job, on the other hand, isn’t for everyone because it requires dangerous stunts to be done. In addition, they must make the audience laugh and smile with their moves and stunts.

As a side job for women, cheerleaders for the NBA make less money than people who work in other jobs. However, it still has a lot of benefits. Then, how much do you know about them and how much money does an NBA cheerleader make each year?

As an NBA cheerleader, what do you need to do to become one…

Candidates for cheerleader jobs in the NBA must have a natural talent for dancing or have a lot of experience entertaining fans with flawless dance moves and rousing cheers. They have the energy to get the crowd going and get people excited about the game. It took a lot of time and practice to get ready for the backflips, moves, jumps, and handstands that you see. They won’t be perfect unless they are practiced over and over again.

Thus, having an athletic body and these skills will help you become a better dancer, which will make it more likely that you can earn a good NBA cheerleader salary.

The cheerleaders not only perform at every game but also at charity events and other events that are related to the team. This is why they are so important. Also, they need to know how to dance well and speak well in front of people.

A bachelor’s degree is preferred, but a background in dance is required because of the job’s needs. If you have done cheerleading before or have taken dance classes all your life, the audition will be easy for you.

To become an NBA cheerleader, you need to learn how to do some of the most famous moves. You can do this at home. These classes help cheerleaders improve their skills and get a better sense of what the team needs.

Some NBA teams also offer these classes. In addition, having a fitness plan is important because a cheerleader has to work out and practice every day.

What Do NBA Cheerleaders Earn Per Year?

The salary of an NBA cheerleader is contingent upon their attendance at games and practices. In the NBA, cheerleaders make money because of these things: People who play in the NBA may make more money in one state than another. Because the NBA is a national league, this can happen.

From $15,000 to $35,000 per year, cheerleaders in the NBA make a lot of money as well. There were a lot of cheerleaders in the NBA last year, and they were paid $14.58 an hour. On the other hand, an NBA cheerleader’s salary comes with a bonus for each game. In addition, they get paid for practice sessions. In addition, special events and bonuses are also taken into account when they get paid each year.

According to data, NBA cheerleaders used to get paid $30 for each practice session. The cheerleaders of some teams don’t get paid for their appearances in other countries. The cheerleaders of the teams that do get paid to get between $50 and $100 for each event.

If the NBA cheerleaders are chosen to play in the NBA All-Star game, they will get a bonus on their pay. Between $700 and $2000 will be given to them if they make the playoffs. Not only that, but these cheerleaders get free travel, lodging, and food. As an NBA cheerleader, you get free parking and free tickets for your friends and family to every game.

Highest Paid NBA Cheerleaders in 2020

The salaries of NBA cheerleaders are based on a lot of different things, like how good the person is and how well the team is known. However, the Knicks cheerleaders earn the most. The Atlanta Hawks are in a similar situation. 

Cheerleaders for the Miami Heat can make up to $28,000 a year, but that’s not the only money they can make. It costs $22,000 to be a dancer for the Clippers every single year. At $15,000 a year, the Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders earned the lowest annual salary in 2020, when they earned the least money per year.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of work that NBA cheerleaders put in, and it pays off. They are not only paid well, but they also get other benefits. This includes working out and learning how to dance better. They also get to travel to different places for free and watch the games for free. To become an NBA cheerleader, you need to be dedicated and have a lot of skill. You also need to be able to work hard and put in the time. NBA cheerleaders are paid very well for all their hard work!

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