How Long is Halftime in the NBA… Basketball Basics

The second half of an NBA game starts and fans rush to get food and clean up. When viewers are at home they can do laundry or take out the trash while still watching their favorite basketball teams on tv. They can also make a quick meal and eat it. But at the actual game, once halftime starts all the fans want to get back to their seats before the game resumes.

There is a 15-minute halftime in the NBA. Coaches look over their game plans and tell the team if they need to make changes while players are resting. Players usually use the last few minutes of halftime to warm up before the second half starts up.

How Long is an NBA Halftime?

how long is halftime in nba

There is a 15-minute halftime break in the NBA. If a player hasn’t done well in the first half, this break gives them a chance to regroup and get back on track. It doesn’t have to be a big deal for coaches to change their strategy instead of calling the same plays or pleading with referees.

Halftime can’t come soon enough for a team that is having trouble. Ask the Los Angeles Clippers, who were trailing 77-27 at the half of a December 2020 game against the Dallas Mavericks. At halftime, the Dallas Mavericks had a 50-point lead, the largest in NBA history, which they kept to the end of the game.

When Steph Curry is having a bad game (a rare thing), he looks forward to the break. As soon as Curry has a 15-minute break, he goes on social media and sees what his fans have to say about him. He talks about people in a bad way in the second half to get himself going.

Even though this may seem crazy, it’s hard to doubt this ritual because it seems to work. There are a lot of great three-point shooters in history, but Curry is one of the best.

In the NBA, How Long is there Between Games?

As you know, during an NBA game, there are four quarters. There are shorter breaks between the first, second, third, and fourth quarters. These quarter-breaks are about 130 seconds long. This is not enough time for fans to go to the bathroom. Players can take a breather during this short break. On the business side, this time is good for TV ads. 

But what about time between games. Sometimes NBA teams may play three games in three days in a row. However, usually the teams spread out the games to one and two games in two days in a row. On average,  each NBA team will play 3.5 games per week in the regular season.

Typically NBA players get one rest day each week. This is often spent with friends and family. This rest day can also be used to go shopping, get groceries, take a day trip and more.

Importance of Halftime in the NBA

In all sports (not just the NBA) halftime is very important. The halftime show in the NBA is set up this way for a reason — and it makes sense. This allows the team and its players to discuss new things. After 24 minutes of fast-paced action, the players get a well-earned break.

If players had to stay on the court for the whole 48 minutes, this could be very bad for their health. As a result, halftimes are important not only in the NBA but in any sport around the world.

Fans get to see a lot of halftime shows or entertaining court performances during the 15-minute halftime break. As a bonus, the home team usually has a lot of contests and t-shirt giveaways to keep fans busy while they wait.

Between Timeouts and Halftime, What’s the Big Difference Between the Two of Them?

Aside from the 15-minute break at the middle of the game, each team can take seven timeouts during the game. This setting is for one minute and fifteen seconds. This means that teams can change their lineups in the middle of the quarter.

Halftime gives players a chance to rest and recover, but timeouts are more about immediate strategy. Timeouts are mostly used by coaches to make strategy changes. Any player on the team or the team’s head coach can call a time-out. If the ball has been declared dead, the request can be made, but only if the ball is not live.

Halftime Shows for Basketball

As mentioned, for professional and college games the halftime shows are 15 minutes long, so there isn’t much time for entertainment. But fans can still see a lot of talented people.

In the past, popular musical acts have played at the NBA All-Star game. For example, Elton John sang “Philadelphia Freedom” and other well-known songs in 2002. During the All-Star Game halftime show in 2006, John Legend and Carrie Underwood teamed up to sing and dance with each other.

Chance the Rapper, along with Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled and Quavo, paid tribute to Kobe Bryant (who had died earlier that year) by performing in the 2020 halftime of the All Star Game.

Red Panda puts on one of the most well-known halftime shows in the United States. Her actual name is Krystal Niu and she is a very talented acrobat. Red Panda uses a lot of different things to make people smile at high-profile NBA games. When it comes to coordination, strength, and focus, she’s unparalleled. Her head and arms will hold bowls while she rides an eight foot tall unicycle. 

A 15-minute halftime break may seem insignificant and quick, but players need the rest and to get ready for the second half. While the players are getting ready for the second half, the halftime show keeps the fans entertained.

Final Thoughts

The halftime show is a time for the players to rest and for the fans to enjoy some additional entertainment. There is a variety of halftime shows and each are very entertaining to watch. In the NBA, the halftime break is also very important because it allows players to rest and for the coaches to make strategy changes. As a bonus, the home team may have a contest and t-shirt giveaways to keep fans busy while they wait for the game to resume.

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