How Do Basketball Players Get so Tall?

There is no doubt that basketball players are some of the tallest sports stars, it is almost mandatory to be an absolute giant in order to be a successful basketball player. But how are they so tall? It’s got to be more than just good genes, right? This article delves into more information about what basketball players do to get so tall. Whether you want to go into the field of basketball yourself or you are just hoping to add a little bit of height to your size, carry on reading!

The benefits of being tall in basketball

Whether it comes to being in defence, blocking shots, or indeed scoring, being tall in basketball helps for all those things since the hoop is so high up. Obviously, you need to have skills to become a successful basketball player too but height definitely helps and that is why even the average height of NBA players is 6’7 and it is very unlikely that you see a successful player who is under 6 foot. The tallest NBA player ever was a staggering 7’7 and was extremely good at what he did!  

Why are basketball players so tall?

There are a number reasons why basketball players are so tall and some of those reasons are as follows. 

They regularly exercise

In addition to playing basketball, the players have a vigorous training routine outside of games to help them be the best that they can be. They work out daily to make sure that they are fit and agile, and this has to have a part to play in their height too. Exercising from a young age is helpful in this too but if that isn’t possible, it is never too late to start. Working out (perhaps at a gym with a personal trainer) will also help to raise your testosterone levels which could help you to naturally get taller. Not only will regular exercise potentially help you with height, you will also feel more confident in yourself. 

They have a good diet

It is so important to have a proper diet that is nutritious and well-balanced, that can actually do a lot of good for your health too. To grow, you need adequate vitamins, and minerals – you should also be eating as many different food groups as possible. This includes fruits, vegetables, protein, carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Try and limit junk food as much as you can but it is fine to have the occasional treat from time to time.

Have a proper sleep routine

Being a talented basketball player is a full job and something as simple as having a solid sleeping routine in their life can be beneficial to their height. Sleeping regularly and for the proper amount of time is important and going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning can also help. The natural growth hormone is actually reduced in your body while you sleep and that is why it is vital for growing taller. 

Take growth supplements

Although it is not advised and most people will deny that they do it, there is no doubt that some basketball players will take growth supplements in order to reach the height and physique that they want to be at. These synthetic growth supplements can have side effects and that is why this should really be seen as a last resort when trying to get taller. 

How you can get taller

You can get taller yourself by putting some of the steps into motion that have been mentioned previously. Whatever your reason is for wanting to be taller, you can definitely give it your best shot to make that happen whether it’s because you want to play basketball or not! Starting the day by stretching is definitely a great way to begin, pay attention to your nutrition and exercise regularly also. There is a lot to be said for sleep so make sure that you are doing that too.

Hopefully, this has helped to answer your question about what basketball players do to get so tall. If you are looking to get a bit taller yourself, you could definitely try some of the tips and tricks that have been mentioned in this article. A healthy lifestyle can have such a huge difference in how you look and how you carry yourself so that is one of the most important things. 

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