Guide – The Best Wide-Width Basketball shoes

Wider feet offer excellent stability and pose a challenge when looking for comfortably fitting shoes. In such cases, wide basketball shoes offer a comfortable fit.

It is quite challenging to find wide shoes as most performance shoes on the market are for normal feet size. So how do you find a wide shoe that offers excellent performance?

If you are looking for the best basketball shoes that offer the best ankle support and a good fit for the wider foot, then here is the list of top shoes you should consider. As you read, you will learn more about the advantages of having a wide foot and how to make the most of it by using proper shoes.

From the size of the shoe to comfort and fit, we cover everything below. Below discussed points are what you should look for when purchasing a new pair of sneakers.

What’s Considered a Wide Foot

When the width of the forefoot and toes is greater than the usually expected range for the length of the feet, such feet are considered wide feet. Brannock Device is used to measure feet professionally and has a provision to check the length and width of your foot.

If your foot gets cramped, try to get a great lengthwise fitting shoe. You should check out the wide-width shoes first before moving on to the next length shoes. 

You can find high-quality branded basketball shoes suitable for wide feet and excellent comfort when playing, running, or jumping. These basketball shoes for wide feet help you avoid clumsy fit as they have extra space to house a wide foot. 

Most individuals with wide feet are also flat-footed. Shoe manufacturers also keep this in mind and offer great midsole support to compensate for the problems of flat feet. So, you can find comfortable basketball shoes even for the wide flat feet without any doubt.

Basketball shoes made for wide feet usually feature a wide toe box for accommodating the wide foot without squeezing it. Renowned companies such as Nike, Adidas, and many more sneaker manufacturers offer a large range of widest basketball sneakers. 

Shoe Sizing Terminology

Like clothing, every individual needs a properly fitted pair of shoes. However, it is blunt to classify them broadly into a few sizes by only considering the length. Especially when it comes to sports and exercise, you place a lot of stress on your feet.

Suppose they are properly sized with comfortable fitting, then it will not cause severe damage to your feet in the long run. The shoe manufacturers improve this condition by assessing better ways to accommodate various foot sizes. 

Shoes made are assigned certain terminology using letter codes to differentiate them easily when purchasing. Knowing what each letter about shoe sizing means can help you shop for better-fitting basketball shoes.


  • The letter “L” is used to indicate the length of the shoe
  • The letter “B” means extra narrow 
  • The letter “N” means narrow
  • The letter “M” means medium
  • The letter “W” means wide


The difference between “M” and “W” width shoes is that an M shoe is of size D and a W shoe is of size 2E for men. In the case of women, it can be B size for M and D size for a W. Here, the letters D and E refer to the standard sizing charts. For a simpler understanding, consider starting from A; as the letters progress, the width value increases.


Where to Find Wide Basketball Shoes

These are three trusted places to purchase wide basketball shoes.

  • Online websites
  • Name Brand Outlet stores
  • Name brand shoe stores, such as the Nike Store, the Adidas Store, Under Armour store, Skechers Store, and Converse Store.


Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet from Nike

Nike offers the best range of wide-width suitable basketball shoes. You can buy the Jordans models, which are the best fit for wide feet. The Nike Jordan XXXV DNA model is considered the most comfortable Jordans for wide feet and are made from premium materials.

Kobe shoes are narrow so that an average foot person can follow standard sizing, and a wide foot person can try a half size bigger and see if it fits well. Coming to Lebrons, they are well suited for wide feet, and you can go with standard size if you are one of them. If you have narrow feet, consider going a half size down (or even the Kyrie 6 shoe). Get proper fitting at a store before you purchase can avoid many hassles later.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Kyrie Flytrap 4 good for wide feet?

Yes, it’s a good shoe for wider foot types. Apart from offering a comfortable fit for wide feet, Kyrie 4 Flytrap IV Basketball Shoes are durable. These wide-width shoes come with a high-top design that aids in providing great support. 

They help in injury prevention, especially ankle injuries, with the help of their interior band.  Flytrap IVs are made true to size. However, their low speed and heavyweight offer limited impact protection. You will feel harder landings and tougher sprints when playing with them.


Is the Nike LeBron 18 good for wide feet?

Nike LeBron 18 are good for wide feet, but they also offer excellent support and comfort for basketball players. Lebron 18 shoes come in a variety of options to choose from. They are extremely versatile. 

The Zoom Air unit feature provides maximum stability and responsiveness. Usually, they fit perfectly, meaning they are not too large or too small. However, in some rare cases, few find them a little large. You can fix this issue by buying a half-size down.

Is the Nike Jordan XXXVI good for wide feet?

Nike Jordan XXXVI offers a convenient fit for wide feet. These wide-width shoes have an air bubble in the midsole that helps relax your feet. They have been in the market since 1993 and are still in demand, indicating how successful their design is.

You get them in many colors. The leather material used in making these comfortable shoes features a good addition for keeping your feet in position during activity.

Is the Embed 1 good for wide feet?

These are perfect shoes for wide feet. Even big guys can rely on these basketball sneakers for stability and support. You can move around easily in these shoes as they are lightweight. The excellent die-cut EVA sock liner they offer is comfy and soft. 

They have a TPU wing for ample midfoot support and also proper traction. They might look bulky and big from the exterior, but they offer good comfort when placing your feet inside.


Is the KD 13 good for wide feet?

KD 13 shoes are one of the best recommendations for wide feet. They feature a Dual Zoom air unit, making them the best-rated shoes for comfort. The midsole cut offers an excellent feel and better responsiveness. You can purchase them in the right size as they come true to size fit. 

Overall, the KD13 model is synonymous with comfort when looking for wide foot shoes. The shoes might look big when feature-packed, but they offer excellent support and a great feel. The full-length Zoom cushion and the soft, flexible design are also responsible for the comfy feel. 

These sneakers are perfect for outdoor as well as indoor use. You can plan on using them for jumping or running without any extra strain on your foot because of their lightweight. When pushing, they offer a solid base. However, there might be some sliding if you use them for pushing when not in the gym.


Why Is Not Zer0.4 good for wide feet?

Why Not Zer0.4 is a good fit for wide shoes and ideal for basketball shoes. They offer plenty of support, high durability, and great comfort. These shoes are also secure and responsive, helping you prevent injuries.

Wide or narrow feet won’t be an issue with this shoe. They come with a unique pattern that helps with the grip. The traction is not so great, and it is one thing that needs improvement for these shoes. Another common complaint is that they need frequent cleaning to keep them looking good.


Is the Adidas Dame 7 good for wide feet?

Adidas Dame 7 Basketball Shoes are good for wide feet. They are one of the top-rated basketball sneakers as they offer superior traction with their rubber sole. They have a lace-up closure, allowing you to have a customized tight fit. 

The light strike midsoles offer maximum bounce. Along with all these features, they are designed specifically for excellent performance.


Is the Nike Air Force Shadow good for wide feet?

This women’s basketball shoe is good for wide feet. Since they have a grooved outsole, they offer excellent traction. The 41mm height of the midsole is a great confidence booster when playing basketball. 

Overall, these are one of the best women’s basketball shoes with a grooved outsole offering excellent traction and stability. 


Is the Nike LeBron 16 Low good for wide feet?

This shoe is fairly good for wide feet. They are made of flexible material that enhances comfort, making them ideal for players who have wide feet. It also allows you to wear them and take them off with ease. 

The breathable material, lightweight, and durability of these shoes are noteworthy. Hard lenders find these shoes up to the mark as the midsole provides excellent cushion. The heel counters and the lacing system helps you to keep the shoe snug and comfortable at the same time.

Their well-articulated tread pattern and the high-quality rubber used for the outsole form a solid base and offer excellent traction. The wide base offers extra stability and proper grip. Above all, they are flexible and comfortable compared to most of their counterparts.


Is the Nike LeBron Witness 5 good for wide feet? 

This Lebron James durable shoe might not fit a true size for wide feet and might need to go up a half size for comfortable wear. Even the midfoot fitting can seem snug. So try them first before buying to make sure you get your perfect fit.


Is the Kyrie 6 good for wide feet?

No, the Kyrie 6 is not really suitable for wide feet. We do not recommend the Kyrie 6 as it runs particularly narrow. However, if you still have eyes on the Kyrie 6, make sure you wear, test, and only then purchase them.


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Once individuals with wide feet discover comfortable wide-width basketball shoes, they can never stop wondering why they haven’t known this sooner. Comfortable fitting shoes are convenient and help achieve your maximum potential as you can focus well on your activity.

Do most shoes seem to fit uncomfortably on your feet? Wide basketball shoes can make your active life much more comfortable whether on outdoor courts or indoors.

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