Best Mexican NBA Players – The Top 6

Do you know who are the best MEXICAN players? 

The NBA is a land where dreams become reality. Hundreds of players from various countries, cultures, and backgrounds have made it to the top of their profession. Mexico has produced some outstanding basketball players. 

Despite never winning an Olympic medal in men’s play or qualifying for the World Cup in Spain, Mexico has some of the world’s best basketball players. Here are our Top 6 Mexican NBA Players, with a short biography on each player.

Horacio Llamas

Horacio Llamas was born and reared in Mexico, where he was an excellent basketball player. When Mexico qualified for the Olympic qualifying tournament, he earned a spot on the national team. Yes, I must emphasize it: during this year’s event, two teams from one nation will compete against each other. 

Horacio joined the San Antonio Spurs in 2007, after playing pro with U.N.M.A (i.e. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) and signing an NBA contract. He didn’t meet expectations while playing for them.

Horacio Llamas will be dribbling the basketball at high speed with each movement as if he’s in Mexico on a beautiful day. He may throw some flare into his stride before driving to the basket or crossing over a rival and leaving a sweat stain on their shirt.

Gustavo Ayón

Gustavo Ayón joined the Brooklyn Nets, he’s known as “Gusto” in the NBA. In 2010, he signed a 4-year contract of $3.6 m with the team and has not played more than 100 games.

With his highly entertaining, inspiring, and physical play, Gustavo Ayon – a Mexican NBA player amazes and inspires his fans.

It’s rare for a Mexican player to play in the National Basketball Association. For years, he has performed overseas with Dirk Nowitzki. This season he made his jump to the largest leagues. Scouts have taken note of his seven-foot height and incredible vertical leap.

Both he and Mexico were not willing for him to join the most competitive leagues before. Between 2009-2012, he spent three seasons in the minor leagues without making it into the big leagues. Ayón had only played 135 minutes heading into the 2013 season’s final game. Most players reach double or at least triple that amount after entering from the bench. His minutes were similar to when a player is injured, or as a 3rd string substitute that only gets playing time when other players are away on international team delegations.

Eduardo Nájera

Eduardo Nájera is a Mexican NBA player who has previously played in the league. He is well-known for his on-court smarts and his Mexican heritage and his devotion to Mexico. He played for the  Atlanta Hawks, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Portland Trail Blazers, The Houston Rockets and other teams. 

The first-ever NBA Mexican player to play in the league and represent their nation abroad were Eduardo Nájera, who is also the inaugural NBA Mexican player,. He’s been on various media, including national T.V. programs such as La Bichona, Studio Fórum, and Kvety pro ženy.

Edgar Garibay

A very skilled NBA Mexican player, Edgar Garibay has taken his own way in the league since 2000, and he’ll be back this Christmas. His tenacity and dedication have won over basketball fans through  time.

He couldn’t live without Mexican food and values in his life while playing for the LA Lakers, so restaurants for Edgar Garibay were created. 

The talented Mexican basketball player –  Edgar Garibay came from the Mexican state of Jalisco.  He’s a great member of the largest group of NBA players in the country. 

Earl Watson

Earl Waston is a member of Portland Trail Blazers. He was born in 1997 in Mexico and serves as a point guard. Earl Watson is among those Mexicans who have managed to stand out as an NBA player. His experience playing with other great foreign players paved the way for him to pursue a goal that he never would have considered. Mexicans are frequently unaware that they can play basketball, but you’ll forget all of your suspicions when Earl Watson steps on the court. He’s not simply a sportsman; he’s also an educator and beloved friend in Portland. His friends call him “Uncle Earl.”

Adam Parada

After playing for both clubs in Mexico as a youth, Adam Parada is known to be the “ray of light” to the Mexican basketball courts, being picked up by the Golden State Warriors before moving on to help Perfumerías Dona Eugenia. He belongs to Red Bull Barako and serves at the center position.

He’s accomplished a lot on the field, winning two NBA titles and being an All-Star: but he understands about coming from modest beginnings, having graduated from San Luis Potosi State University, and playing an important role in one of West Coast’s most vibrant cities.

Daniel Parada

One of the greatest Mexican basketball players who entered the NBA is Daniel “Danny” Parada. He discovered that watching and playing sports was something he loved as a child. For the past five years, he has been an important member of this crew, continuing to perform without stopping for five years.

After signing with his University team at Pepperdine, they won the NCAA Championships twice.

When it comes to international play, Adams is pleased with his record of most triples made.

Concluding Remarks

The top six greatest Mexican NBA players in the league are presented in order of most to least points. Mexican NBA players have achieved enormous success in television and film, but these athletes are among the finest.

Tell us who’s your favorite in the comments below! Who is it?

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