The Regulation Basketball Weight

Are all basketballs the same weight?

If you play serious basketball, you will sense a difference in the weight of the basketball and even how pressurized the ball is. But what exactly does this mean? How do I know if my basketball is too heavy or too light? And does weight and air pressure matter?

The answer to these questions is that every basketball has a specific weight. The ball’s weight can affect how well it travels through the air and how it bounces on different surfaces.

If you’ve ever wondered about the importance of basketball weight, this guide is for you.

Regulation Basketball Weight

The weight of a basketball depends on its size. And the size of a basketball depends on the regulatory body for a game.

And according to American basketball, the basketballs should always be made of leather or synthetic.

A basketball at the NCAA for men should weigh 22 ounces, have a circumference of 30 inches, and seams should not be wider than ¼ inches. And for women, a ball should weigh at least 20 ounces, and the seams should not be any wider than 1/4th inches.

Average Basketball Weight

An average basketball weighs 22 ounces and has a circumference of 29.5 inches.

How Much Does a Heavy Basketball Weigh?

The weight of a heavy basketball ranges from 2 to 4 pounds, or 32 to 64 ounces. The heavy basketballs can sometimes vary in size, but the majority of the weighted basketballs have a circumference of 28.5 to 28.9 inches.

Why Do Some Basketballs Feel Lighter?

Basketballs feel lighter by 1.5 percent because the air surrounding the ball lifts the ball up. The science is that the air pressure increases with depth, and the ball is surrounded by air. With air below, the ball pushes it with a greater force than the air above the ball.

How Much Does a Basketball Weigh Fully Inflate?

A fully inflated basketball roughly weighs around 1.4 pounds.

Is There Such A Thing As A Men’s Basketball And A Women’s Basketball

How Much Should A Women’s Basketball Weigh?

It depends on the WNBA, college, or youth. The standard basketball size for women, college, high school, and professionals is 6. It weighs 20 ounces and has a circumference of 28.5to 29 inches.

It depends on if it’s for the NBA, college, or youth. The official size basket size depends on the league or regulatory body. For the correct size, a basketball in the NBA should have a circumference of 29.5 inches and be inflated 7.5 to 8.5 per square inch. Its standard size is 7, and it weighs 22 ounces.

Olympic basketballs and College basketballs

How Much Does An Olympic Basketball Weigh?

The basketballs used in the Olympics weigh 22 ounces (size 7) and have 28.5 inches.

How Much Does A College Basketball Weigh?

The size number 6 is fixed for high school and college players. These basketballs have a circumference of 28.5 inches and weigh 22 ounces.

Professional level basketballs

Basketballs used in the NBA are size 7, which weigh around 7.5 to 8.5 pounds when fully inflated, and the balls have a circumference of 29.5 inches.

Who makes the best basketball?

This depends on the type of ball you are using and if it is for professionals or college or high school students.

#1 Wilson Evolution Basketball

If you are looking for a basketball for college students or playing regularly, you should go with Wilson. This particular ball is a common choice for many players, and this ball is preferred for its durability and grip. This ball showcases numerous micro-pebble that gives you a greater grip, and the cushion core gives you a great feel.

#2 Spalding TF-1000 Basketball

If you are a high school or college athlete, you should not miss this ball. This basketball boasts of its surface. It provides a softer touch and improves your handling and overall gameplay.

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How Do Basketball Players Get so Tall?

There is no doubt that basketball players are some of the tallest sports stars, it is almost mandatory to be an absolute giant in order to be a successful basketball player. But how are they so tall? It’s got to be more than just good genes, right? This article delves into more information about what basketball players do to get so tall. Whether you want to go into the field of basketball yourself or you are just hoping to add a little bit of height to your size, carry on reading!

The benefits of being tall in basketball

Whether it comes to being in defence, blocking shots, or indeed scoring, being tall in basketball helps for all those things since the hoop is so high up. Obviously, you need to have skills to become a successful basketball player too but height definitely helps and that is why even the average height of NBA players is 6’7 and it is very unlikely that you see a successful player who is under 6 foot. The tallest NBA player ever was a staggering 7’7 and was extremely good at what he did!  

Why are basketball players so tall?

There are a number reasons why basketball players are so tall and some of those reasons are as follows. 

They regularly exercise

In addition to playing basketball, the players have a vigorous training routine outside of games to help them be the best that they can be. They work out daily to make sure that they are fit and agile, and this has to have a part to play in their height too. Exercising from a young age is helpful in this too but if that isn’t possible, it is never too late to start. Working out (perhaps at a gym with a personal trainer) will also help to raise your testosterone levels which could help you to naturally get taller. Not only will regular exercise potentially help you with height, you will also feel more confident in yourself. 

They have a good diet

It is so important to have a proper diet that is nutritious and well-balanced, that can actually do a lot of good for your health too. To grow, you need adequate vitamins, and minerals – you should also be eating as many different food groups as possible. This includes fruits, vegetables, protein, carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Try and limit junk food as much as you can but it is fine to have the occasional treat from time to time.

Have a proper sleep routine

Being a talented basketball player is a full job and something as simple as having a solid sleeping routine in their life can be beneficial to their height. Sleeping regularly and for the proper amount of time is important and going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning can also help. The natural growth hormone is actually reduced in your body while you sleep and that is why it is vital for growing taller. 

Take growth supplements

Although it is not advised and most people will deny that they do it, there is no doubt that some basketball players will take growth supplements in order to reach the height and physique that they want to be at. These synthetic growth supplements can have side effects and that is why this should really be seen as a last resort when trying to get taller. 

How you can get taller

You can get taller yourself by putting some of the steps into motion that have been mentioned previously. Whatever your reason is for wanting to be taller, you can definitely give it your best shot to make that happen whether it’s because you want to play basketball or not! Starting the day by stretching is definitely a great way to begin, pay attention to your nutrition and exercise regularly also. There is a lot to be said for sleep so make sure that you are doing that too.

Hopefully, this has helped to answer your question about what basketball players do to get so tall. If you are looking to get a bit taller yourself, you could definitely try some of the tips and tricks that have been mentioned in this article. A healthy lifestyle can have such a huge difference in how you look and how you carry yourself so that is one of the most important things. 

Guide – NCAA Basketball Practice Rules


Several students opt for a basketball game in their college.  It’s the best time for anybody to learn basketball basics. And if you already love and have experience playing basketball, you should follow a few rules. Part of the preparation includes the following college’s rules for the game they love. 

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has certain rules that players must follow. It protects players from injuries, so they have time to meet their academic qualifications. It also helps make for a level playing field between other colleges.

In this article, we will be discussing the practice rules for the NCAA basketball games. You can find these rules on pages 10-11 of the NCAA Handbook. Other rules apply to all sports, but these are specific to basketball. 

So what are the NCAA rules on practice hours…


How Many Hours A Week Are NCAA Athletes Allowed To Practice

  • Description of the NCAA 20 hour rule and hours per week

Some College Athletes start practicing more than 40 hours per week, leaving the academic side.  As per the recent lawsuit against the organization handling the sports, NCAA and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hills. Many student-athletes are not maintaining a minimum GPA, a mandatory factor in the NCAA eligibility list. 

After going through the complete reports, the NCAA restricted the practice time to 20 hours per week and a minimum of four hours per day. Some athletes requested to keep to 30 hours per week, but the NCAA confined them to 20 hours per week.

Some athletes feel that practicing during college days is time-consuming. Athletes should learn how to manage their time while competing in the tournament. For NCAA Division I member institutions, the student athlete’s participation activities were limited. Limit a maximum of four hours per day and 20 hours per week since 1991. This rule was adopted by NCAA Division I Bylaw 2.14 to provide quality education. 

The NCAA defined some athletic activities as countable and uncountable activities. Countable activities are scheduled practices, film sessions, and competition days. In contrast, the uncountable activities are the compliance meetings, service events, promotional activities, building the team, and activities related to media and service events.

The NCAA suggests coaches give at least one day off per week (if athletes are willing to practice, they can do it voluntarily).  The NCAA will review the plan annually, employed by the coach.

  •  Does it depend on what Division the college is in?

Throughout the United States, there are numerous athletic associations. Some are religiously related, while others are national or regional. Each association has member colleges divided into conferences. Some are members of multiple associations. Conferences bring together schools from the same geographical area. When it comes to the national championship, you can pit teams from various conferences against one another.

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is responsible for intercollegiate athletic competitions. Simply, the events displayed on ESPN are organized and handled by NCCA. It oversees the colleges under Division I, Division II, and Division III, and the respective colleges should follow the rules.

Divisions and conferences are divided by the NCAA and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). The university’s size, the level of competition, and the athletic program’s finances are used to create divisions. Division I institutions, for example, can provide players full athletic scholarships, whereas Division III schools are not. The NCAA is the largest athletic association, with over 1,100 schools and 100 conferences (more than any other athletic association).

Division-I – Nearly 350 institutions come under Division- 1, and the institutions under Division- 1  are well funded. So they can offer scholarships to the recruited athletes. These colleges may get funding from various contracts, partners, or through the games that are displayed on the television. But for a student to get selected under this division should meet a certain level of achievements in academics and sports. Sports offered in this division differ for men and women.

Division-II– The NCAA Division II includes about 120,000 students and almost 300 institutions. Division II institutions play the same sports as they are Division I schools. Their athletes are generally physically capable of competing in Division I sports, but their institutions lack the financial resources to support their athletic programs.  The student-athletes are very capable, along with the athletic scholarship; they will receive athletic and merit-based scholarships.

Division-III – The NCAA Division III has 450 schools and around 190,000 students each year. It is the largest division of NCAA-recognized sports, and it includes many of the same sports as the other two divisions. Division III student-athletes are primarily concerned with their studies, with sports as a bonus. Many kids engage in extracurricular activities in addition to athletics or take time away from their teams to study overseas. 

The level of competition among Division III teams remains high, but seasons are shorter, and games are played regionally rather than nationally to allow for more class time. While other students may know them as members of a sports team, Division III student-athletes treat regular students rather than famous athletes. Division III institutions do not offer athletic scholarships because their main concentration is academics. Many students in this division are eligible for financial aid or merit-based incentives.


How Many Days In A Row Can You Practice In The NCAA…

  • Description of how many days
    The NCAA defined rules and regulations regarding how many hours an athlete can actively participate in the practice. It is known as Countable Athletically Related Activity (CARA). The coaches will track these student activities every week and report to Compliance Authority Officers. The number of days the student can participate will vary from the championship season, non-championship season, and out of season.

Championship Season: Practice hours allotted for an athlete are limited to 20 hours per week. Students are allowed to practice games, strength, and conditioning. The maximum allotted time per day is 4 hours. In a week, one day is allotted as a week off. Student-athletes cannot miss the practice class.

Non-Championship Season: The time allotted by CARA for student-athletes is limited to 20 hours per week; during this period, students can do practice, play games, and check their strength conditions. One day in a week is allotted as an off day. 

Out of Season: This practice is not for participating in championships. The allowed time for practice is 8 hours per week. This time is allotted for weight training, individual workouts, and team other activities. Only 2 hours of the 8 hours are allotted for workouts and team activities. Two days in a week are allotted for a week off.

Generally stating, the Non-Championship Season and out of seasons are restricted to 24 days. Finally, the championship season will conclude with the NCAA championships.

  •  Can the NCAA practice on Sundays

The NCAA passed a rule stating that the coaches should give one day a week off. If the athletes are interested in the practice, they can still work out voluntarily. It depends on the athlete’s interest.

  • Can a travel day be an off day for NCAA purposes?

Yes, the NCAA considers the travel days as off days for non-autonomy schools if mandatory countable activities do not take place on that day. 

When Do College Basketball Teams Start Practicing…

  •  Description of when practicing starts 

The First NCAA college basketball season will commence in “November Month” and ends somewhere in March. 

To participate in this tournament, the player should meet some standards defined by the NCAA. 

The practice starts in October; months, schools or colleges are allotted 42 days for 30 sessions. At that time, the athlete can practice 20 hours per week with at least one day off. The NCAA will also authorize a transition phase from September to October month. The allotted time would be 12 hours per week, with 8 hours limit on strength training, teaching basketball skills, and conferences related to basketball. 

  •  Do college basketball teams practice year-round

Yes, they do practice the whole year. They should be fit and ready to participate in the NCAA tournaments. So the players should do rigorous practices, workouts, weights, pickups, and conditioning all around the year to maintain their fitness. 

  • How often do college basketball teams practice

College basketball freshman athletes ages are between 18 to 22 years. The maturity levels of these athletes will vary physically and psychologically as they are from the high school team. At the freshman stage, the athletes should concentrate more on their eating habits, sleeping habits, conditioning, and initiating the workouts.

In the Competitive Season:  The college basketball team will practice throughout the year. The game’s structure involves two twenty-minute halves, with halftime of 15 minutes. Depending on the college division (Division-1, Division-2, Division-3), the colleges will play around 25 to 35 games per competitive season. However, as per the NCAA norms, they will practice 20 hours per week. Most athletes practice 4 to 6 days per week based on the game schedule. The practices may reach up to 3 hours of high-intensity workouts; during the practice hours, athletes should attend film, training, and injury sessions. 

Time management plays a vital role in the practice session during the competitive season. The Division-1 athletes will travel in chartered flights after the completion of the game, while the other division athletes spend using the bus and spend more time traveling on the road. Practice is also based on the food and nutrition that the athlete eats. For Division-I, a sports dietician will design the diet, and the food is given accordingly. For other divisions and mid-universities, athletes will get a training table. 

In the Off-Season: The majority of the basketball players utilize this time to improve their game. All players will have a small time gap after completing the tournament. This period is called one-sport athletes. After completing the competitive season, the players will get 2 to 4 weeks to recharge themselves with the family members and school matters. Later they will start their workouts.

The basketball commitments will vary based on the coaching demands during the off-season. Simply, the athletes can practice up to 8 hours of activity per week. 


When Can College Coaches Talk To Basketball Recruits…


Description of when college coaches can talk to basketball recruits 

NCAA rules are designed with certain guidelines, when and how athletes contact the college coaches and how the college coaches can have contact with recruits. 

According to the NCAA incorporated rule, college coaches are restricted from frequently calling the recruits after the beginning of the junior year. But before the beginning of the junior year, they can regularly contact the recruits although at this early stage it would be more like contact with athletes.

As per the NCAA rule, the coach will start reaching the athletes after the sophomore year. Depending on the athlete’s sports, division, age, and communication type, the coach will show interest. 

Athlete coaches can call or email the basketball recruits by providing their contact information. If the recruit responds or shows interest in your college team, they will contact you and schedule a meeting for further discussions. Meanwhile, the coaches will also start searching for suitable athletes for their program structure and investigate the student-athlete background in the name of campus visits. 

The detailed process with new rules is defined below.

Coaches can recruit the athletes during camp visits, but the coach will not offer any scholarship till the completion of the sophomore year of high school. Coaches can contact or reach the athletes in the below-mentioned ways.

  1. Official visits 
  2. Camp visits
  3. Clinic visits
  4. Sports impacted
  5. Unofficial visits

When can college athletes reach Division I Coaches?

Seriously speaking, the coaches will contact the athletes with the non-recruiting materials.


The Recruitment Period

  • Description of what a recruitment period is


The NCAA designed a recruiting calendar for a better understanding of the recruitment schedule.

  1. Evaluation period
  2. Contact period
  3. Dead period
  4. Quiet period

Evaluation Period: In this period, the coaches will allow the person to visit and watch the athlete’s game skills. The concerned person is not allowed to meet the person or the person’s guardian. They will just sit and watch the athlete from the gallery. This period will allow the coach and recruiter to understand the student’s behavior better.  If the recruiter shows interest in you, they will contact you through phone or email. 

This period is set only for evaluating the respective candidates. This period is very specific, and only a few sports like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Softball will have this evaluation period. Sports 

Contract Period: As the name indicates, it enables frequent contact between the coaches and athletes. This can be done through any of the NCAA-approved methods. Coaches can reach athletes and their parents through email, call, text, or direct contact either in the tournaments, house or on college campus. This period will provide an advantage of speaking with the coaches without any restrictions.

Meeting the person outside of the campus will let them know the athlete’s personality. So the coaches can decide in a better way before recruiting the athlete. In-person meetings are good for the athlete to know in detail about the coach. During this contact period, the coaches will discuss with the athlete in detail to know about his mental ability, strength, weakness, and his self-confidence. So at the moment, it is better if the parents won’t get involved in the conversation. During this contact period, the recruiter will also evaluate the athlete’s parents to know about the parent’s influence on the student.

Dead Period: In this period, all communications will be dead. It means the recruiters will not be in direct contact with either the recruits or their parents. Digital communication between the students and coaches will occur through email, text, call, and WhatsApp. No conversation will happen either at the college campus, athlete campus, or outside of the campus. 

Quiet Period: In this period, the coach will not have any contact with the recruits; they will not visit the student campus to watch their games. But the athletes can meet the coach on the coach campus. However, the coach cannot speak with the athletes outside the college campus.

The main intention of this period is to avoid contact with the college coaches and elite recruits. It is a contact period for average players to contact the coaches through email, text, and call. It is the specific recruiting period for Division I and Division II college sports. 

Recruits should be aware of the different recruiting periods to have a realistic idea of the NCAA’s recruiting opportunities.


  • Description of when the recruiting period begins

A high school athlete should be aware of the complete information regarding the athletic department recruitment process. The steps involved in the recruitment process are mentioned below.

  1. Maintain direct contact with the coaches – The recruitment process will begin when the coach and recruit start their first conversation.
  2. Visit the Campus – The athletes will have an opportunity of visiting the different and multiple college campuses and have a conversation with the coaches and college administration to get their doubts cleared. The students can visit the campus either officially or unofficially. The athlete college will cover the complete maintenance charges if it is official.
  3. Visits of the coach to athlete campus – Coaches will visit the campus to find suitable athletes for their program.
  4. Check for scholarships – During the recruitment, try to check for a scholarship; you will get this information at the end of the recruitment process. Based on the sports, the scholarship will vary.
  5. Signing the Intent Letter – Your recruitment process is done once you sign this intent letter. After that, no other coach will recruit you. If any coach tries to contact you, remember to inform them that you have signed the intent letter.


  • Can College Athletes Play Other Sports During Their Recruitment Period

Yes, they can play other sports during their recruitment period.


Participation in Weight Training

  • Description of weight training and what is allowed

It is necessary to focus on fitness development during the training period, so several weight training programs are implemented in almost all sports. 

Athletes are aware of the information that basketball requires a lot of running, but in the training programs, the main focus will be on the weight. So an athlete should get trained in cardio in the preseason itself. Aerobic and Anaerobic fitness are both required for a basketball athlete. 

  • What kind of equipment can college athletes use during practice

The equipment that a college athlete can use during the practice is reverse crunch, Romanian deadlift, dumbbell biceps, dumbbell triceps extension, squat, barbell bench press, and medicine ball standing twist with a partner.


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This article mentions brief information about the NCAA basketball Practice rules. It mentions the number of hours they allowed for the athlete to practice, types of divisions, number of days you can practice, and number of days off in a week. 

Also, will the traveling be considered a week off, the duration of college basketball teams practicing, and contacts with the basketball coaches, and recruits, and how? You’ll also know the recruitment period and process, weight training, and what kind of equipment is allowed during practice.

If you require any further information, you can follow the links mentioned in the related links section.

If you are looking to join as a junior athlete in basketball, this can help you.

Guide – The Best Wide-Width Basketball shoes

Wider feet offer excellent stability and pose a challenge when looking for comfortably fitting shoes. In such cases, wide basketball shoes offer a comfortable fit.

It is quite challenging to find wide shoes as most performance shoes on the market are for normal feet size. So how do you find a wide shoe that offers excellent performance?

If you are looking for the best basketball shoes that offer the best ankle support and a good fit for the wider foot, then here is the list of top shoes you should consider. As you read, you will learn more about the advantages of having a wide foot and how to make the most of it by using proper shoes.

From the size of the shoe to comfort and fit, we cover everything below. Below discussed points are what you should look for when purchasing a new pair of sneakers.

What’s Considered a Wide Foot

When the width of the forefoot and toes is greater than the usually expected range for the length of the feet, such feet are considered wide feet. Brannock Device is used to measure feet professionally and has a provision to check the length and width of your foot.

If your foot gets cramped, try to get a great lengthwise fitting shoe. You should check out the wide-width shoes first before moving on to the next length shoes. 

You can find high-quality branded basketball shoes suitable for wide feet and excellent comfort when playing, running, or jumping. These basketball shoes for wide feet help you avoid clumsy fit as they have extra space to house a wide foot. 

Most individuals with wide feet are also flat-footed. Shoe manufacturers also keep this in mind and offer great midsole support to compensate for the problems of flat feet. So, you can find comfortable basketball shoes even for the wide flat feet without any doubt.

Basketball shoes made for wide feet usually feature a wide toe box for accommodating the wide foot without squeezing it. Renowned companies such as Nike, Adidas, and many more sneaker manufacturers offer a large range of widest basketball sneakers. 

Shoe Sizing Terminology

Like clothing, every individual needs a properly fitted pair of shoes. However, it is blunt to classify them broadly into a few sizes by only considering the length. Especially when it comes to sports and exercise, you place a lot of stress on your feet.

Suppose they are properly sized with comfortable fitting, then it will not cause severe damage to your feet in the long run. The shoe manufacturers improve this condition by assessing better ways to accommodate various foot sizes. 

Shoes made are assigned certain terminology using letter codes to differentiate them easily when purchasing. Knowing what each letter about shoe sizing means can help you shop for better-fitting basketball shoes.


  • The letter “L” is used to indicate the length of the shoe
  • The letter “B” means extra narrow 
  • The letter “N” means narrow
  • The letter “M” means medium
  • The letter “W” means wide


The difference between “M” and “W” width shoes is that an M shoe is of size D and a W shoe is of size 2E for men. In the case of women, it can be B size for M and D size for a W. Here, the letters D and E refer to the standard sizing charts. For a simpler understanding, consider starting from A; as the letters progress, the width value increases.


Where to Find Wide Basketball Shoes

These are three trusted places to purchase wide basketball shoes.

  • Online websites
  • Name Brand Outlet stores
  • Name brand shoe stores, such as the Nike Store, the Adidas Store, Under Armour store, Skechers Store, and Converse Store.


Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet from Nike

Nike offers the best range of wide-width suitable basketball shoes. You can buy the Jordans models, which are the best fit for wide feet. The Nike Jordan XXXV DNA model is considered the most comfortable Jordans for wide feet and are made from premium materials.

Kobe shoes are narrow so that an average foot person can follow standard sizing, and a wide foot person can try a half size bigger and see if it fits well. Coming to Lebrons, they are well suited for wide feet, and you can go with standard size if you are one of them. If you have narrow feet, consider going a half size down (or even the Kyrie 6 shoe). Get proper fitting at a store before you purchase can avoid many hassles later.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Kyrie Flytrap 4 good for wide feet?

Yes, it’s a good shoe for wider foot types. Apart from offering a comfortable fit for wide feet, Kyrie 4 Flytrap IV Basketball Shoes are durable. These wide-width shoes come with a high-top design that aids in providing great support. 

They help in injury prevention, especially ankle injuries, with the help of their interior band.  Flytrap IVs are made true to size. However, their low speed and heavyweight offer limited impact protection. You will feel harder landings and tougher sprints when playing with them.


Is the Nike LeBron 18 good for wide feet?

Nike LeBron 18 are good for wide feet, but they also offer excellent support and comfort for basketball players. Lebron 18 shoes come in a variety of options to choose from. They are extremely versatile. 

The Zoom Air unit feature provides maximum stability and responsiveness. Usually, they fit perfectly, meaning they are not too large or too small. However, in some rare cases, few find them a little large. You can fix this issue by buying a half-size down.

Is the Nike Jordan XXXVI good for wide feet?

Nike Jordan XXXVI offers a convenient fit for wide feet. These wide-width shoes have an air bubble in the midsole that helps relax your feet. They have been in the market since 1993 and are still in demand, indicating how successful their design is.

You get them in many colors. The leather material used in making these comfortable shoes features a good addition for keeping your feet in position during activity.

Is the Embed 1 good for wide feet?

These are perfect shoes for wide feet. Even big guys can rely on these basketball sneakers for stability and support. You can move around easily in these shoes as they are lightweight. The excellent die-cut EVA sock liner they offer is comfy and soft. 

They have a TPU wing for ample midfoot support and also proper traction. They might look bulky and big from the exterior, but they offer good comfort when placing your feet inside.


Is the KD 13 good for wide feet?

KD 13 shoes are one of the best recommendations for wide feet. They feature a Dual Zoom air unit, making them the best-rated shoes for comfort. The midsole cut offers an excellent feel and better responsiveness. You can purchase them in the right size as they come true to size fit. 

Overall, the KD13 model is synonymous with comfort when looking for wide foot shoes. The shoes might look big when feature-packed, but they offer excellent support and a great feel. The full-length Zoom cushion and the soft, flexible design are also responsible for the comfy feel. 

These sneakers are perfect for outdoor as well as indoor use. You can plan on using them for jumping or running without any extra strain on your foot because of their lightweight. When pushing, they offer a solid base. However, there might be some sliding if you use them for pushing when not in the gym.


Why Is Not Zer0.4 good for wide feet?

Why Not Zer0.4 is a good fit for wide shoes and ideal for basketball shoes. They offer plenty of support, high durability, and great comfort. These shoes are also secure and responsive, helping you prevent injuries.

Wide or narrow feet won’t be an issue with this shoe. They come with a unique pattern that helps with the grip. The traction is not so great, and it is one thing that needs improvement for these shoes. Another common complaint is that they need frequent cleaning to keep them looking good.


Is the Adidas Dame 7 good for wide feet?

Adidas Dame 7 Basketball Shoes are good for wide feet. They are one of the top-rated basketball sneakers as they offer superior traction with their rubber sole. They have a lace-up closure, allowing you to have a customized tight fit. 

The light strike midsoles offer maximum bounce. Along with all these features, they are designed specifically for excellent performance.


Is the Nike Air Force Shadow good for wide feet?

This women’s basketball shoe is good for wide feet. Since they have a grooved outsole, they offer excellent traction. The 41mm height of the midsole is a great confidence booster when playing basketball. 

Overall, these are one of the best women’s basketball shoes with a grooved outsole offering excellent traction and stability. 


Is the Nike LeBron 16 Low good for wide feet?

This shoe is fairly good for wide feet. They are made of flexible material that enhances comfort, making them ideal for players who have wide feet. It also allows you to wear them and take them off with ease. 

The breathable material, lightweight, and durability of these shoes are noteworthy. Hard lenders find these shoes up to the mark as the midsole provides excellent cushion. The heel counters and the lacing system helps you to keep the shoe snug and comfortable at the same time.

Their well-articulated tread pattern and the high-quality rubber used for the outsole form a solid base and offer excellent traction. The wide base offers extra stability and proper grip. Above all, they are flexible and comfortable compared to most of their counterparts.


Is the Nike LeBron Witness 5 good for wide feet? 

This Lebron James durable shoe might not fit a true size for wide feet and might need to go up a half size for comfortable wear. Even the midfoot fitting can seem snug. So try them first before buying to make sure you get your perfect fit.


Is the Kyrie 6 good for wide feet?

No, the Kyrie 6 is not really suitable for wide feet. We do not recommend the Kyrie 6 as it runs particularly narrow. However, if you still have eyes on the Kyrie 6, make sure you wear, test, and only then purchase them.


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Once individuals with wide feet discover comfortable wide-width basketball shoes, they can never stop wondering why they haven’t known this sooner. Comfortable fitting shoes are convenient and help achieve your maximum potential as you can focus well on your activity.

Do most shoes seem to fit uncomfortably on your feet? Wide basketball shoes can make your active life much more comfortable whether on outdoor courts or indoors.

Guide – How to Get a Basketball Scouting Job

Basketball scouts represent the recruiting arm of the team that hires them. Scouts watch basketball games and figure out the best position each player plays. Then they try to match up potential candidates to see if they can make a difference for the team the scout represents.

You get to watch all kinds of basketball and learn about new basketball stars in this job.

Basketball scouts are the people who watch every aspect of the game and evaluate the players. After recruiting players for their team, their steady job is to ensure that the team gets the most out of each player. Scouts recruit high school athletes, college students, and potential candidates from competing teams.

Many say that being a basketball scout’s biggest benefit is getting paid to watch sports. Imagine that. The downside is that you need to know a lot about all game dynamics before starting scouting. You might also have to travel a lot to see different teams play.

How To Become A Basketball Scout

Basketball Scout Job Description

A basketball scout is an individual in charge of getting a hold of talented and young players and evaluating them. Scouts can also persuade players to weigh in and play for the team.

They can also be in charge of framing strategies of the opponent teams. Yes, this helps them beat their opponents by studying the opponents’ gameplay and tactics.

What Does a Basketball Data Scout Do?

These individuals attend local or tournament basketball matches and record and collect real-time data. Later, they help the game support team.

The Scouting Process

The scouting process is about traveling to basketball games and collecting complete and extensive information about teams and players. The collected data can be used to potentially shed light on both the teams’ and players’ gameplay and tendencies.

Basketball Knowledge, Strategy, and Analytics

A basketball scout must have the proper knowledge about this game. When a scout has the proper knowledge, he can implement the studies and develop strategies for the team to beat their opponents.

Scouts are also in charge of analyzing player and team performance to help them with their game.

Attending Tryouts

As a scout, you will need to attend basketball tryouts. This is where you can see numerous players showing off their skills. It is considered the best place to get new players for your team or organization.

You’ll also see numerous young talents working hard to master their skills and sharpen their gameplay. As a scout, you should never drop the plan. You never know; you can get a raw talented player.

Dealing With Front Office People

One of the crucial abilities that you need to have is communication. Scouts often have to deal with many front office people, and the better you communicate, the greater good will happen. If you can become good friends with the front office people, the rest of your job will go smoother too.

Creating Draft Proposals

As a scout, you will need to watch many games, be it a video or watch it live. Generally, you will have to pen down a whole lot of information. Here, you will evaluate players and gather information as much as possible.

If you think that the player might be a good pick for your organization or team, you will have to send drafts to get that player on board.

Basketball Scout Certification

The scout job does not mandate a certain requirement, but you must get a degree in business, marketing, or even sales to make advancement.

But, if you wish to learn it the proper way, then take a scout certification. The school will teach you certain crucial skills for identifying athletic talent.

How To Become A College Basketball Scout

College Basketball Scouting Jobs

The job of college basketball scouts is to travel and evaluate players as they play. Working on this post will require you to make certain calls after observing the player’s potential. You get to go to college games and even talk with college coaches.

You need to figure out if the player you picked for the team uplifts the team’s overall performance. Because if they are not good at getting along with team members, it’ll be a serious threat to your credibility.  A scout also plays a crucial role in helping teams or organizations decide about players.

How Much Money Do College Basketball Scouts Make?

The majority of the college basketball scouts can have annual earnings from $14,000 to $69,000. And guess what? 25 percent of all college basketball scouts potentially earn 25,000 dollars, 75 percent of all have the potential of earning $41,000, while 90 percent of the scouts earn 54,000.

How to Become an NBA Basketball Scout…

If you are looking forward to being an NBA basketball scout, here is what you will need –

  • You need to have that love for basketball.
  • If you wish to scout this game, you will gain better knowledge
  • Proficiency in communication
  • Sales and marketing skills
  • The ability to identify leadership and talent

The first step toward being a reliable NBA basketball scout is learning about the game. You need to know how to play it, its rules and regulations, and its fundamentals. You need to learn this game more than from a fan perspective.

It’s one such profession that does not mandatorily need a degree. But, it would be better if you get an education in coaching, physical training, marketing, and business fields.

To make it up there, you will certainly need experience. Experience speaks. You may start by volunteering for a basketball team (high school or college level) or just take an entry-level position. An excellent idea is to gain experience; it will work if you work as a basketball equipment manager.

To gather greater knowledge, you can start watching the footage, live matches, and even previous games. The more knowledge you get, the better it will help you in the long run. This will help you determine the abilities that make a person outplay the others, and swiftly they can tackle defense and offenses. Try talking with his fans to gain more knowledge about a player; they will provide you with some valuable information! Or, you can choose to talk to the coach to get detailed information and record it.

Networking plays a crucial role in our daily lives; some good and reliable contacts can help in crucial times. Keep good relations with everyone you meet, or work with. Try not to demolish the communication bridges, as you might get an opportunity from a contact. Keeping sources is important.

Another thing that basketball scouts have to do is continue studying players and events in the community. This applies to everyone; one should never stop learning. This is one such game that can develop adverse situations. Everything in the world is taking the next step towards evolution, and so are techniques, style, rules, coaching ideas, and gameplay.

If you do not match this pace of change, you will fall behind, and you will not be able to develop a talent efficiently. So, it is crucial to stay updated and embrace new ideas and techniques. Staying updated on things helps you pick the right direction for a basketball game.

What do NBA scouts look for…

During basketball, a scout pays much close attention to the players. A scout needs to trace tough and talented players.

So what do you think? What qualities do you need to track as a professional basketball teams scout? Here is what you need to know –

A basketball scout, be it an NBA or a college-level scout, always pays close attention to players’ physical status like age, weight, height, conditioning, and positioning.

As a scout, you need to identify and analyze a player’s skill set, such as passing, ball handling, scoring and shooting, agility, defensive, etc.

How do I intern for an NBA team…

To apply for an internship at the NBA, you will need to visit their website, nba.com. You will find the application form and get yourself enrolled.

You will see the internship tab right at the bottom of the home page, and click and select your desired program.

How much does an NBA scout make…

The salary of a scout in the NBA can range from $17,930 to $70,050 annually. The median annual salary of a scout in the NBA is around $31,000.

At least 50 percent of the scouts in the NBA enjoy an annual salary of $31,000, while the top 75 percent enjoy a salary of $70,050.

How much do NBA advance scouts make…

The pay-out range for a scout in the NBA ranges from $17,930 to $71,000 annually. And the median salary is around $31,000.

If we classify, you can expect the advanced scouts to fall under the top 75 percent of the total scouts who enjoy an annual salary of $65,000 to $70,050.

Highest-paid NBA scout 

A scout who has experience in scouting for 2 years or less will receive an annual salary of $17,930. A scout with more than 2 years of expertise will have an annual salary of $31,000, and a scout that has an experience of more than 5 years will enjoy an annual salary of $70,050.

While there is no such prerequisite for getting a job as a basketball scout, you need to have endless passion and keen eyes searching for detail. You will be paid for watching games and sharing your views, but when you master this art, you will see the people in the community giving you the respect you have ever needed.

Guide – How to Find the Hottest Basketball Shoes on Clearance

With prices rising on everything, basketball shoes are no exception. Basketball collector shoe stores have started to pop up at many malls where the Air Jordan Retro shoes start at $350 and go up from there. 

You know in your heart that the right shoes will help enhance your athletic performance. So what does a person do to find a good deal on quality basketball shoes at clearance price? Keep reading this guide to find the places that can get you the shoes you want — at a price that’ll amaze your friends.

We’ve noticed that it’s easier to find a good deal on a low-top basketball shoe and that high-top basketball shoes often go at a premium. That’s something to keep in mind as you do your shopping for the perfect basketball shoes.

How to Find Basketball Shoes on Clearance

Basketball shoes are very important for a player. A type of shoe can affect a player’s overall performance. 

And if you are looking for some basketball shoes on clearance, there are several ways you can find them on clearance, but it will need time to research, and you cannot lose your patience. 

And if you don’t find the right shoe size at the first place you check, you can try other places that have a large selection of clearance shoes.

EBay is the first method, rather the most comfortable way of getting quality shoes on clearance. It’s the most popular method for finding deals on basketball shoes. You will need to be patient as it may take time to get your hands on a pair of shoes, especially if you want them in great condition. 

Also, make sure you read the seller’s feedback before buying anything. If they don’t return things or give bad ratings, you probably have problems. Another option is to check out local thrift shops. These places tend to carry older models of basketball shoes and also tend to sell them for less than retail price. 

You can also check various outlet stores. Details are below.

How Do I Get the Best Deal on Air Jordans, Air Max and Nike Brand Shoes

If you are looking for some great deals getting shoes from Air Jordans to Air Max to overall Nike’s, then you need to keep track of certain things mentioned below –

  • To get a great pair of eye-catching basketball shoes from your desired brand like Jordan or Nike, you need to visit their stores and see if they are planning for a clearance sale anytime soon. Sometimes people do get lucky and spot the exact shoe they want.
  • Another thing you can do is visit Flight Club’s official website and search for the shoes that they intend to move quickly.
  • If you wish to get your shoes on clearance, frequently check Nike’s outlet stores. They often stock up on Air Jordans, and you need to grab your pair of shoes their employees do
  • Ross and T.J Maxx are options if you wish to get a Nike shoe. But, you are less likely to find any Air Jordans there. 

Does Nike sell to wholesalers and resellers? What to do to become a reseller?

Nike does sell its products to wholesalers! And if you wish to become a reseller, you would need legal licensing. You should operate your business in a storefront.

Adidas Basketball Shoes On Clearance and Yeezy Shoes

If you love Adidas and wish to buy it in the stock clearance sale, this is the best time to get some high-end shoes. You should be quick and cautious and focus on getting them before their own employees. 

Getting a pair of Adidas shoes may look rewarding and easy on stock clearances. You should inspect the product authenticity from Adidas in the clearance sale. And if you are a fan of Kayne West, you can take this chance to get some Yeezy shoes.

Here are some quick tips that can help you find a genuine pair of Adidas shoes –

  • Check the heel tag of the shoe.
  • Adidas products do not feature for granted (genuine shoes come with neatly rolled-up laces)
  • Every pair of shoes from Adidas have a serial number on the tags
  • A difference in price can help you determine I the product is genuine or fake

So, how to get Adidas and Yeezy shoes on clearance? Here is what you can do –

  • Determine if the selected product is genuine with the help of the tips shared above
  • If you are looking for Adidas shoes, try checking in T.J Maxx or Ross. Chances are high, but they barely keep Yeezy shoes
  • Get in touch with as many Amazon outlets as possible
  • Check on Nordstrom Rack and Saks Fifth Avenue outlet stores; you might get lucky! They also keep some great quality shoes
  • Do check in at the Last Chance Clearance Stores; it is sort of a hit or miss, but you can get a hold of amazing quality basketball shoes
  • You could also check at Famous Footwear

Under Armour Basketball Shoes On Clearance

If you have been watching the game, you probably heard of this new brand called Under Armour and its skyrocketing popularity. Some of the biggest players promote this brand; it is no wonder it is a good brand. They have some of the newest and hottest shoes.

Yes, NBA’s biggest player Joel Embiid signed with Under Armour in 2018 and was introduced in 2020! This is why Under Armour got a surge in popularity. 

Not just Joel Embiid, greatest athletes like Patty Mills, Mo Bamba, and Emmanuel Mudiay also use Under Armour. 

If you want to get UA under stock clearance, you better check on UA stores. You can be lucky!

Converse Basketball Shoes on Clearance

If you wish to get the first basketball shoes that started it all, you can take the chance of stock clearance and get some pairs of Converse basketball shoes. Yes, the fad regarding shoes started from Converse!

  • If you turned lucky on a stock clearance, you can get a nice pair of shoes from Ross or T.J Ross
  • A sure-fire way of getting a Converse shoe is you should check on Converse Factory Store
  • Another sure-fire way of getting this branded shoe is you should check on Nordstrom Rack

Other Shoe Clearance stores

While looking for the above brands, you should keep track other shoe clearances as well –

  • You can check on Designer Shoe Warehouse, or Famous Footwear
  • Another great way of getting your desired shoes is you can check on outlet malls. There you are more likely to find a greater number of outlets together. And certainly would come in handy if you are looking for Adidas, Skechers, New Balance, Nike, Puma, etc. 

Helpful Links


So, if you have been waiting for the stock clearance to begin, you need to do research, check in with several outlets or look online to get an idea of their stock clearance. 

Once it begins, you have to take your chance! Before you purchase, it is very important to check its quality, and determine if it’s genuine!

Once you see it’s genuine, you are good to go!

Guide – Equipment Needed for Basketball Training

You should start with a basketball training plan to get good at basketball. Part of this plan is to have everything required to practice basketball. Many people ask, “what kind of equipment do you need for basketball, and does it even matter?”  Find out below as we discuss the strategies and equipment to perform the best during the basketball game.

A Basketball Plan

If you are into basketball or wish to weigh in, you need certain gears that can help you through your game. It is a fast-paced game, and almost anything can happen anytime! So, staying cautious, unpredictable, and agile is very important.

You would need numerous things for practicing basketball, like gloves, a vest, and a basketball.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Need for Basketball?

Here are the things that you would need for your basketball practice –

  • Shooting aids
  • Dribble equipment
  • Basketball return system
  • Vertical jump program
  • Weighted basketball
  • Tennis balls
  • Weighted gloves

Basketball Tools and Equipment

What Is the Importance of Different Equipment in Playing Basketball?

The importance of using different equipment in basketball helps a lot in honing your skill set. The equipment such as an agility ladder and skipping or jump ropes help you maximize your efficiency in the game.

What Is the 5 Tech Equipment in Basketball?

The five-tech equipment used in basketball are –

  • Score sheets
  • Scoreboards
  • Whistle-operated stop-clock systems
  • Clocks
  • Alternating possession arrows

Shooting aids

If you have been looking to get some shooting aids, a weighted basketball will be a great pick. Using weighted balls will need you to put in a bit more effort. This push is needed to get the ball to the height you desire.

Also, it can help you gain strength for some quality rebounding and shooting skills. The extra resistance helps you use your hands more and strengthens your key parts. But you should be perfectly aware of your shooting range. It is best not to sacrifice your form to get the ball in that basket.

During your gameplay, the drills and moves you learn while practicing can manifest into signature moves.

Here is a tip for you. It is better to go in reps when practicing with a weighted basketball. Complete a drill set with a weighted basketball, then practice the same drill with a regular basketball. You will spot the difference.

Dribbling Equipment

If you want to master your ball control or dribbling, consider buying a dribble stick and dribble balls.

A dribble stick helps you with your game by promoting better ball control. You will need to dribble the ball over the stick or under it when practicing. This comes in handy in maximizing your endurance, ball control, hand combinations, and passes.

Also, you would need a dribbling ball; dribble balls are majorly of three types: foam, soft plastic, and rubber. Dribble balls are termed weighted balls. These tools build resistance and help strengthen your fingers, wrists, and forearms. The normal size of the ball has a circumference of 29.5 inches, while the balls designed for women have 28.5 inches.

This does not only help in dribbling but also helps you with your passing, shooting, and rebounding skills.

Basketball Return System

It is high to get a basketball return system if you have been chasing basketballs after every free throw.

These have a hoop-like structure attached to a frame that gets the ball back to you. It is often a struggle for a new player to hit rebounders.

Install this thing in your court, and you will see the ball making it back to you after each successful throw, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Vertical Jump Program

Basketball is a game that requires a player to stay top of fitness. The vertical jump program is a typical benchmark test that determines power and athleticism. For basketball, the ability to jump vertically higher is a mandatory requirement.

The higher you jump, the better you are, and the better scopes you will get for scoring.

This vertical jump program is often used to recruit players and athletes.

Weighted Basketball

Weighted basketballs are normally heavier than regular basketball.  These are made with three different materials: soft plastic, high-quality leather or rubber, and foam.

These balls require an extra amount of downforce, and yes, it also makes your arms, fingers, and hands much stronger. The weighted balls are available in plenty of sizes, but the weight of these balls is a bit more.

Each type of ball has its advantages and disadvantages. These are the ones that can help you with passing, dribbling, shooting, and rebounding skills as well. Using these balls can uplift your gameplay.

Tennis Balls

Now that you read tennis balls, you may wonder why a basketball player would need tennis balls.

Basketball is a game that requires great hand-to-eye coordination. You might not occasionally see tennis balls on the courts, but the tennis balls can incredibly improve your hand-eye coordination.

The smaller the ball, the more it can improve speed and coordination. Tennis balls can greatly help in ball handling, speed or agility, and catching drills.

Weighted gloves

If you are looking for equipment that can help you master your handling, you should train with weighted gloves! These gloves are made to make the activities much more challenging.

These gloves have extra weight resistance that helps activate muscles and smooth palm surfaces to maximize dexterity.

Training Equipment for Shooting

To improve your shooting to the maximum extent possible, you can use a trainer. The AllNet gear acts like a finger spacer that properly positions your fingers before shooting.

Newbies often struggle with these, and if you are looking forward to improving your game, this is it!

Weighted balls also improve your shooting skills.

Your Basketball Kit

What should be in the basketball bag? Confused? Here is what you should do before you begin the match –


  • A cold pack or ice pack
  • First aid or ibuprofen
  • Wipes
  • Tissues
  • Mouthguards, carry some extra pieces as well
  • Court grip


  • Peroxide sprays in case of accidents
  • Extra ball
  • Water bottle
  • Seats
  • Gatorade packets
  • Camera


  • Coaching board
  • Sticky notes
  • Ace bandages
  • Clipboards with emergency contact numbers

Perishable items

  • Water to keep your hydrated
  • snacks

Training Equipment for Youth

To train your little champion, all you have to do is get a hold of the necessary equipment mentioned above. Get things like jerseys, safety pads, hoops, balls (depending on the age), etc.

Install the hoop in a spacious area, or you can practice on your lawn as well. Training is important; you can make him drills like shooting, passing, dribbling, footwork, rebounding, and defense to train your child properly.

This game helps you stay physically fit and socially and mentally.

There are several types of drills mentioned below –

  • Dribbling drills – straight line, weak hand, and cone dribbling
  • Passing drills – one hand wall, overhead, and one hand alternating wall pass


So, are you up for some basketball training? Well, you better be! If you plan to represent your high school or college team, you better get started.

This is a better game with equipment, like the gym! The more equipment you use, the better your gameplay will be. This article has shared some of our views and equipment to help you be a stand-out player.

Good luck!

How to Lace Basketball Shoes

People often think of shoe lacing as a difficult task and wouldn’t it be nice if there was a self-lacing shoe. But that’s not the case. Instead, knowing the right technique can ease lacing your best pair of shoes, and being specific to the arch can be a real game-changer!

Do you also have difficulty lacing your basketball shoe laces? Give this article a read!

Lacing Basketball Shoes

If you wish to know the perfect way of lacing a basketball ball or any sports shoe, this article is for you.

There are numerous tricks and techniques for lacing a basketball sneaker, and you’ll find the most common techniques here in this article. Some of these might even work on dress shoes to add more style — along with your other athletic shoes.

When you first get that box containing your new pair of basketball shoes, the laces may already be put through the shoe eyelets. This makes it really convenient. But is it the optimum lacing pattern for you? The proper lacing technique ensures the proper fit of the shoe you’re wearing and prevents the feet from possible injuries. Hence it’s crucial to secure it the right way.

Step #1 The Best Way To Lace Basketball Shoes

There are plenty of shoe lacing techniques, but the Straight Bar Lacing Technique is often called the best. This shoe lacing technique enhances your shoes’ appearance. They not only appear cleaner and tight but are also conformable. You would need shoes with an even a pair of eyelets to do this.

Steps involved to make straight bar lacing –

  • Put the shoelace through the first pair of eyelets, and ensure the end stays within the underside of the vamps.
  • Keep adjusting the laces until they appear to be even in length.
  • Then, put the left lace-end through the second eyelet on the left and pull it straight on the outside. Now, thread it across the even eyelets, and continue until you reach the end.
  • Now, put the right shoelace through the third eyelet on the right, and pull it straight outside. Now, thread the lace through the odd eye until you reach the last odd pair of eyelets.
  • Now, thread the right shoelace through the bottom of the last eyelet, making the lace-end appear above the vamp.
  • Now, with the two lace-ends above the vamp, you tie them together.

Step #2 How Tight Should I Tie My Shoes?

Tying your shoes way too tightly can result in foot pain due to the squeezing nature of the shoe. For a game like a basketball, the key is agility!  A tight shoe will result in causing discomfort and will slow you down.

You should it moderately tight so that it does not squeeze your feet. Tighten your shoelaces by keeping enough room for your feet to spread comfortably.

Step #3 Do You Lace Basketball Shoes All The Way Up?

If you wish to wear a shoe with high tops, you will need to lace your shoes all the way up! You have to follow the crisscross pattern to the top, don’t know how? Just follow these steps.

  1. Thread your shoelace through the first eyelets, and make sure you have the same amount of lace on both sides.
  2. Thread both the left and right laces in a crisscross pattern to the top until you reach the remaining two eyelets.
  3. Now thread the laces through the directly above eyelets, and leave a loop. Here, you do not need to criss-cross it.
  4. Again, cross both laces for one last time, thread the right lace through the left eyelet, and thread the left lace through the right eyelet. Give it a nice pull, and apply a double-knot making it tighter and locked near your heel.

How to Tie Basketball Shoes Without the Laces Showing

If you wish not to show your basketball shoelaces, so be it. But, how would one hide their shoelaces? Well, here is how!

  • First, start off threading with lace from the outside, and make it to the top.
  • As you reach the top of your shoe, give it a nice and strong knot.
  • In the end, simply tuck your shoelace underneath the tongue of your shoe. Or, you can tie the knot at one side and tuck it on the other side.

How to Lace Basketball Shoes Casually

There are many ways of lacing your basketball shoes casually. Here is how you should do this –

  • Take the lace, tie a knot at one end, and pass it through the bottom eyelet, and the knot should face the front end of your shoe.
  • All you have left is one long lace attached through the knot. Pass this long lace through all the remaining eyelets on the basketball shoe until you make it to the top.
  • If you do this right, you will have horizontal laces and one long lace on one side of your shoe.
  • Now, all you have to do is tuck this lace neatly inside your shoe.

How To Lace Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

If you have a wider foot, you might need to alter the shoe lacing technique. Wider feet need much more space, and comfortability is a factor.

Follow these steps to lace up your basketball shoes perfectly –

  • It is pretty easy to lace a shoe; you can start by making a normal crisscross lacing technique.
  • Then, skip two eyelets and continue threading the lace in a cross-cross form as you move up.
  • As you move up, skip one set of eyelets on your shoe.

This is the most common technique to make your shoe comfortable for your wide feet.

The Ultra Lock

The ultra-lock show lacing technique is for the professional players playing in a well-organized team. If you want to make this ultra-lock, here is how you can do it easily –

Start by performing a crisscross lacing technique to the top. When you are right at the top, thread the laces on the other side and pull it through. It will appear like two tiny bunny ears on both sides when you do this.

Now, cross the laces and pass the laces through the bunny-ear holes, then give it a nice and tight pull. And finally, give it a nice tie that you do with all other shoes.

This ultra-lock provides you with better stability and support to your ankles.

Low Top vs. High Top Basketball Shoes

When it comes down to games like basketball, the choice of shoes gets pretty hard. Shoes not only keep you safe from injuries, but they also help you play your very best form.

As you know, there are plenty of shoes out there in the market, and it’s quite difficult to choose. Players prefer shoes according to their gaming style and skills.

So if you are looking forward to learning about these shoes and how they affect one’s game, keep reading to find out!

What Are Low-Top Basketball Shoes?

A low-top shoe is a typical sports shoe that does not surpass the level of the ankle of the wearer. These are pretty lightweight but may lack adequate support.

If you are the wingman of your team, you might be a master of cutting others, and low-top shoes would be the best for you and will support you in your craft. A lightweight shoe gives you the ability to run or cut fast without compromising performance.

Quick Reaction

Low tops are very lightweight and boost your reflexes as the lightweight shoe reacts perfectly with the asphalt. Low tops let you enjoy incredibly fast movement and better jumps, as it does not hold you back compared to high tops.

Quick Performance

Besides mobility, you can expect a performance boost with these shoes. You’ll gain better speed, but it may keep you from playing to your strengths.

For a game like a basketball, speed is very important. Staying steps ahead of a defender can help score a basket on the other end of the court.

More Playtime

It does not matter how strong and fit you are, tiredness and fatigue will sink in as you advance throughout the game. But if you wish to play for a longer time, then a low top would help you do it easily. The less weight you carry, the more you get to save your energy.

As a result, using a low-top shoe will help get that extra charge or burst of energy during the crucial point of the game.

Low top shoe examples

What Are High Top Basketball Shoes?

The high-top shoe is a type of athletic shoe that goes slightly over the ankle level of the wearer. These shoes are specifically designed for basketball and are known for support and stability.

High tops are much stronger than low tops but feel much heavier on your feet. These shoes are specifically designed for the frontline players of a basketball team. Unlike wing players, the forward players need to still rely on speed but also depend on stability and power.

Advanced Protection

Players gravitate toward the high-top shoes with the focus on protection. The high tops come with better cushioning that safeguards your ankle from injury. They also feature added material that goes up your ankle, giving an extra measure of protection against sprains and potential breaks.

More Stability

 Another feature that makes high tops best for forward players is that the laces go much higher up the shoe. This is part of what gives you more stability compared to low tops.

And They’re Strong, Wide and Feel Tough

The high top is not just a shoe type that provides stability, its extra cushions save your feet from unwanted blisters.

These shoes can be much wider than low-top shoes, providing proper room for your feet. So if you’re someone who often ends up with blisters and all after a game, then these shoes are for you. As you know, a tiny blister can take you right out of your game.

And of course, they can last much longer than low-top shoes due to their fine build.

The Air Jordan Retro 11 is a popular high top shoe

Low Top Vs. High Top, How Do They Compare?

If you want to know how the low tops and high tops differ from each other, here’s the differences between the shoe types…

1. High Tops vs Low Tops: Ankle Movement

According to a recent study, when subjects were tested on an inverted platform, they found no difference in the performance between high and low tops.

However when tested on a relatively flat platform which induced a sudden inversion, it was discovered that there are significant ankle inversion differences between these two types of shoes.

The low tops provide a higher degree of ankle inversion compared to the high tops. High tops provide a player with an ankle inversion of 38.1 degrees, while low tops provide a greater ankle inversion of 42.6 degrees. That’s why low tops help the player move freely and better perform moves like crossovers and off-ball cutting.

Players wearing low tops enjoy a slight edge in freedom when it comes to movement. In terms of flexion, it was also found that players with low tops enjoy a significantly greater range of motion at 32.2 degrees compared to high tops with 27 degrees.

However, the very minimal angle between feet and ground is relatively smaller for low tops with 77.0 degrees than for high tops with 85.1 degrees.

2. High Tops vs Low Tops: Muscle Activation

Like those ankle movements, the collar height can sink in depending on certain conditions, thus triggering your leg muscles during ankle inversions.

Several studies point out that the pre-activation of muscles has greater intensity when wearing low-top basketball shoes or sneakers.

Again the onset time — or in other words — the time from when the inversion initiates to the time your body reacts to it, this onset time was found to be relatively lower in the case of low-top sports shoes.

These studies propose that the high-top shoes need minimal muscular effort and the body’s proprioceptive response during the landing. No wonder why the big guys in the NBA prefer to perform in high tops. Furthermore, they have to deal with all that bounce-back effect.

3. High Tops vs Low Tops: Ankle Sprain

Do you know why high top basketball shoes were considered the dominant shoe for such a long time; well this was just because of their strong build and better cushioning, which ultimately results in improving one’s safety against injuries and support.

When your ankle ligament gets stretched out more than it’s useful range, you may experience an ankle sprain. In games like basketball, ankle sprains occur when landing after taking a shot, whether a jump shot or a layup, a dunk shot, or after grabbing a rebound. You may experience such things when you land over an uneven surface, with a combination of ankle inversion and flexion.

Inversion is known as the rotation of the ankle towards the middle, while eversion is known as the rotation of the ankle to the side. Inversion and eversion occur during lateral movements such as crossover dribble, cut-off, etc. Sadly even in the pros, an ankle sprain can mean missing a week of games and having to do reduce practice. So anything that can be done to help reinforce the ankle while playing at that superstar level, it’s greatly welcomed.

Do any NBA Players Wear Low Tops…

Many players in the NBA play their game wearing low-top basketball shoes. Great players like Steph Curry and James Harden use low-top shoes.

They use these sorts of shoes because the low-top shoes can maximize ankle movement resulting in greater agility.

Professionals say that low tops allow an ankle inversion of rough degrees, which is pretty high than the high ankle or high shoes. Hence, low-top shoes are the best for players to meet sudden movement changes.

Do Most NBA Players Wear High Tops…

Some players invest in low tops, and some gravitate towards high-top shoes. Half the NBA players appear to use high tops, while the other half use low tops.

Famous players like Paul George, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, etc. are the players that have been using high-top basketball shoes in their games!

Why would a player feel the need to use a high-top shoe? In a game like a basketball, foot and ankle injuries are the most common forms of injuries and are very critical at the same time. A minor injury can take away your game and keep you from playing for a week.

To reduce the chances of such injuries during a game, players use high tops to provide better support and stability and to increase one’s overall safety.


What do you think… which one would be the best for you when you play the game?

At the end of the day, the shoe you pick should be according to your preference. Low tops provide you with freedom to move faster, while on the other hand, high tops help big guys get better stability while safeguarding their feet from blisters and other forms of injuries.

I’ll go with the low tops if you ask me because I am more of a performance speed-driven player! Just because low tops suit me does not mean it will work out right for you as well. So while you have time, give both a try! Both of these shoes look and feel different, and unless you try them out, you’ll not be able to make a proper call.