How to Score 20 Points in a Basketball Game…

Most players want to get more than 20 points. Unfortunately, many don’t. It’s discouraging to work hard only to see your stats stay the same game after game.

When Steph Curry and Diana Taurasi shoot step-back fadeaways, you can’t help but want to copy what they’re doing. While this isn’t wrong, it’s very hard to do. They are the best in the world. Before you can score points like the greats, you need to build a strong foundation for your game.

How To Score 20 Points…

1. First, copy the top defense player for each quarter.

Every team has a player who runs as hard as they can in transition on every possession. It’s not easy to find someone like this. If you copy this player, you will score an average of two points per quarter for four quarters, which comes out to eight points per game (ppg). 

2. Attack the offensive glass so that you can get one layup per quarter

Easy layups, rim shots, and fouls are made because of offensive rebounds. if you follow this strategy of attacking the glass, you’ll have a good chance of scoring two points per quarter for four quarters, which comes out to eight points per game for the whole game. Typically a shooting guard will do this. 

With the two items above, You can now score 16 points per game on average.

3. All of your dribbles to the rim must be done with a shot that will be thrown twice per game.

Take a look at some of Dwyane Wade‘s Hall of Fame career. He was very good at this. He would throw his opponent into the air, hit them, and then shoot free throws. You get four free throws per game if you do this twice in the first and second halves. In a game, four free throws that go in means four points per game.

The thing you need to do is change how you play the game, focus on the three items mentioned above during practice and games, and understand that as Da Vinci once said… simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be known as a player who helps your basketball team score more points, win more games, and make the important shots.

Basketball Scoring

In a basketball game, there are three ways to score points that are different from each other.

  • If a three-point shot is made from outside the three-point line, three points are given.
  • Two points are earned if you make a shot from inside the three-point line.
  • If a team is given a foul, they will get one to three extra shots from the free-throw line. Each time you make a good shot, you get a point. Charity stripe shots are worth a point each.

Basketball Offense Tips To Help You Score More Points

Practice Shooting From Different Angles

Improve your shot by taking shots that are similar to the ones you will take during games. While shooting half-court and behind the backboard is fun, it doesn’t help you improve your game.

Free throws can’t be made if you don’t shoot threes during games. Keep in mind that the more shots you take while you practice, the better you’ll get. 

To get more baskets, focus on the target instead of the shot, and this will help you. It is a game of muscle memory, and each time you take a shot, you help build that muscle memory.

Also, you can improve your shooting by filming yourself while you shoot. Self-filming while you’re shooting is good because it lets you see which parts of your shot work and which don’t. Pretty soon you’ll have the hot shooting you practiced for.

Increase Your Court Sense

It’s all about being aware of what is going on in a game at all times.

There are a lot of things to think about when you’re playing basketball. Make sure you know where you are about other players, where the coach is, whether or not he’s calling for something, and how much time is left in the quarter and on the shot clock.

The more you think about these points, the more likely they are to become second nature. In no time at all, you’ll be able to think about everything in your head without having to think about it.

Enhance Your Basketball Passing Skills

While field goal scorers get most of the attention, good passers are just as important. People who are good at passing the ball aren’t selfish. They’re willing to give up the ball for the good of the team. Anybody can improve their passing skills, no matter what.

You have to believe that you don’t have to score for your team to make a difference. Remind yourself that an assist is the same thing as a goal.

Improve Your Spacing

The youngest age groups don’t have any concept about space at all. If you have small kids, you already know this by watching them play. When young kids play sports like basketball, soccer, or another game, they often run to the ball and crowd around it and they all try to get a hold of it.

Think differently… a lot of space on the floor allows your team to have a lot of different looks. In addition, spacing spreads the defense out, leaving gaps.

Good spacing gives your basketball team more chances to score.

Basketball Players Should put Their Main Focus on Rebounding

Coaches like players who make good shots at the right time and are in the right place to get the rebound. Let’s face it: Even the best shooting guard will miss about half their shots.

Basketball is a numbers game, and the more chances you have to score, the more likely you are to win. Remind yourself of this: a basket scored by a rebound or a steal adds another 2 points.

Playing off the Ball in Basketball

You don’t have to have the ball to make a difference in the game. You can make a difference if you never stay still and move your feet.

This includes setting up passing lanes, stretching the defense, and setting up screens, among other things.

As an offensive player, another way to keep the defense guessing is to keep looking at the field all the time for a possible pass (to keep the opponents guessing). A player who isn’t likely to get the ball doesn’t need to be guarded, which allows the other team to double-team other players.

Final Thought

Basketball is a team sport and no one player can do it all by themselves. You need to have the right attitude and to work together with your teammates. The key is to always remember that you’re part of a team and that you should help each other out.

When everyone on the team does their part, the team will be successful.

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